Support your products and services evolution through all the lifecycle

Easily launch new products, support constant innovations, and start benefiting from their complexity.

Configurable Product & Service Catalog

Manage complex product offerings

Designed to meet industry standards and fit complex products and services, built of numerous elements. It perfectly fits in all complex products and services, built of numerous elements. Support your products dynamic changes to master them and provide excellent service.

Create bundles & options

This flexible tool, with friendly UI, and intuitive navigation, gives you many options to play with your products, try new combinations, and create attractive bundles that your customers just won’t be able to resist.

Increase sales reps performance

Embrace your team with a solution that supports every step they take on the sales pipeline. Starting with onboarding: limit the time new sales reps need for getting to know the catalog, price books, and processes.

Case study

Helping Nexera eliminate the “NGA white spots” in Europe


One product catalog with infinite possibilities

Use bundles, change parameters, add options and attributes for products

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