Event summary: Middle East 2021 GCCM Dubai

More than 500 delegates, representing regional and international telecom operators and partners, attended Middle East 2021 GCCM Dubai – an exclusive event for wholesale telecom operators and service providers hosted by the Carrier Community. The conference took place on November 16-17, 2021. Enxoo was a sponsor of the event.

Watch our video from the conference floor! 

A highlight of this year’s conference was the executive panel discussion onWholesale Industry in the Digital Age. New Business Models around Cloud for Service Providers“. Cezary Chałupa, Head of Growth at Enxoo, kicked off the session with a keynote presentation.

In his presentation, Cezary pointed out that the world is changing, and digital changes affect almost all aspects of our lives, all industries, and everything that surrounds us. The telecommunications industry, on the other hand, is still seen as conservative, characterized by long decision-making cycles caused by disjointed processes and systems that prevent effective communication, operational visibility, and a big picture view of a business and its performance.

In the panel discussion, Cezary was joined by other industry experts: 

  • Taufiq Hussien, Chief Business Development Officer at IX Telekom,
  • René De Baerdemaeker, Director Supplier Management at Expereo,
  • Jerzy Szlosarek, Chief Executive Officer at Neutrality, and
  • Erik van Stokkom, Chief Moderator at CC/ M&A at GTC

The panelists highlighted the ongoing need for transformation in the rather conservative telecommunications industry, the inevitable move towards automation and orchestration of business processes to meet rising and changing customer requirements, and the need for interoperability and investments in integrated BSS platforms.

Cezary Chałupa:

“Digital transformation is not really about pushing your apps to the cloud or digitizing one process or two. At first, it’s about recognizing the problem within the company, finding a proper solution and the right partner who can resolve this issue. And matching it with the financial outcomes that have to be achieved at the same time.”

Jerzy Szlosarek:

“I think customer experience and intelligence in the business process is where ultimately we need to be going as an industry.”

Taufiq Hussien:

“So we are seeing a much faster sales cycle, a lot more automation that enables people to get connected even faster than before. Customers and consumers are looking to get more things faster. Faster not only related to Internet speed but in terms of the processes, in terms of how things are done. They don’t just want to buy the product, they want to buy the services.”

René De Baerdemaeker:

“The whole digital transformation that we are doing towards our customers is filling in a gap that the current industry is not being able to fill – so everything that the customers desire. They want to have things instantly, they want to have complete insight. They want to have the best possible Internet connectivity anywhere across the globe. And by being the middleman, by facilitating and optimizing our supplier products, by putting something in the middle, which is the Expereo service, we ensure that we can guide them on the digital transformation. And this is where we’re helping.”

Cezary Chałupa:

“Self-service, zero-touch provisioning, CPQ engines, carrier-2-carrier APIs, instant off-net access costing, and sales process digitization – these might be the building blocks of a telecom business of the future.”

Sounds interesting? Watch the entire panel discussion here.

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