Collected 2 000 km together

Enxoo employees with an active lifestyle surely loved one of the other CSR actions that we organized. We are talking about the sports action “Charity company run”!

We started the activity at the beginning of August 2020 while our employees were working remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was the perfect opportunity to get motivated and a reason to leave the home for some physical activities.

To be able to take part in this action, employees had to download the Endomondo app to record their activities, e.g.running, cycling, roller skating or taking the dog for a walk. Each activity that was recorded in the app contributed to the overall company goal – collecting 2000 kilometers!

Employees shared their photos of their physical activities. For some the motto was ‘it’s the taking part that counts’ and others really wanted to ‘stay ahead of the competition’. But overall, eyeryone who took part played their role to reach the common goal! 😀

The action finished on the last day of August and it was time to count the kilometers. As it turned out … our employees demonstrated their power once again and jointly collected 2,881km during this monthly action! Enxoo exchanged this amazing achievement for money, resulting in PLN 2,881,00!

All the collected money was used to purchase goods for various schools at orphanages in Łódź and Srebrna Góra. We collected many important school supplies and kids could get back to school with the whole range of stuff they needed. 

Once again we showed that, as an organization, we can unite and achieve a common goal as one team – together we can do anything!

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