2022 Telecom Trends – the great acceleration continues

The global COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trends that many industries had long been anticipating. Digital transformation initiatives in particular are now an integral part of enterprise thinking and planning. Find out more about 2022 Telecom Trends.

A recent IDC study on top 10 predictions for digital transformation for 2022 found that 53% of enterprises have an organization-wide digital transformation strategy, a 42% increase from just two years ago. 

Analysys Mason’s telecom predictions for 2022 also see the continued focus on digital transformation, in addition to customer experience, automation, and technology: 

  • The pandemic-induced push for digital customer experience will accelerate telcos’ digital transformation projects. There will be a strong push for fully automated, digital support for consumer and enterprise services increasingly supported by SaaS-based OSS and BSS.
  • Expansion of fibre and 5G in developed markets will be driven by shared and wholesale models, and are predicted to account for an unprecedented 20% of new investment in 2022–2023. Increasingly, this new investment will come from non-telco businesses.
  • The business divisions of many operators will see connectivity return to revenue growth but most of the attention will be on IT services. Operators are predicted to strike more partnerships with vendors for SD-WAN, security, edge and cloud in 2022 than in 2021.
  • Public cloud providers will gain a bigger role as the primary suppliers of important foundational technologies that will affect the value chains for OSS/BSS, AI, data management systems and 5G network functions. An increased number of established communications service providers (CSPs) are expected to sign multi-dimensional, multi-year strategic partnerships with public cloud providers. These partnerships are expected to span IT and network transformation and business services.

At Enxoo, we believe transformation isn’t just about moving applications to the cloud or deploying digital platforms. It’s about recognising existing challenges within the organisation, finding solutions that match business outcomes and building a flexible foundation of systems and processes for continual transformation. 

The result is automated processes that support CSPs in building an agile organization that is able to rapidly react to rising customer demands and the constantly changing market environment, in 2022 and beyond.

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