3 Key Success Factors in the New Telecommunications Reality

The COVID-19 pandemic has uncovered and fueled the need for a more rapid business transformation, moving the industry to a new reality where digital connectivity has become its backbone. According to Gartner, 91% of organizations are engaged in some form of digital initiative, but this does not mean they are already a digital business. Telecoms, in particular, are undergoing major structural changes caused by market economics, rising customer expectations as well as regulatory requirements. It is therefore a continual journey that must be carefully controlled and planned to achieve the desired outcome.

1. It starts with a vision

According to Artur Ostrowski, CCO at Enxoo, continual transformation is more like understanding your vision, what you are trying to achieve in these market conditions. Yet the tactics of how you achieve it often will be chopped into these single individual projects. It is also worth remembering that technology, in the transformation process, is only a tool, and the key element is the cultural change that affects all aspects of the organization. Without understanding the vision and strategy, it is difficult to even talk about the success of a transformation.

2. Customer is King

It’s amazing how relevant this statement has remained over time. However, in a business transformation context ‘the customer is king’ becomes even more relevant. Telecommunication companies decide to transform because they want to get a holistic view of their customers, adapt to their needs and preferences, as well as accelerate the speed and quality of service delivery.

3. Finding the Right Partners

Transformation isn’t just about moving applications to the cloud or deploying digital platforms. It is about recognising existing challenges within the organisation, finding solutions that match business outcomes and solving issues that enable the long-term evolution of the business. Therefore, finding the right partners is key to a successful business transformation. 

Grow your business with Enxoo

Enxoo can help you to build a foundation for continual business transformation, unlocking hidden business value. Our cloud experts have the technical knowledge and industry expertise, understanding and solving telecom-specific challenges and impediments. Our solutions improve business processes through work automation, alignment of marketing and sales, standardization of quoting and ordering processes, smarter billing and revenue control – all this ensures our customers stay relevant and competitive in the future.

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