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Acquiring new customers and keeping them are equally important for sustainable business growth. Retaining your customers and seeing them return for more products can be more economical than acquiring new ones. It’s an almost obvious statement known to marketers and CXO. 

But, how do you achieve peace of mind in a dynamically changing economy? How can you stay relevant when faced with increasingly more sophisticated and digitally savvy personas?

When businesses use more systems and their digital footprint grows, it generates more and more data. Individuals’ journeys across various channels and touchpoints leave a lot of data in multiple different databases. This data carries a lot of valuable information helping to make the right and timely decisions. Unlocking the business potential hidden in the data is one of the biggest challenges for marketers regardless of the addressable market.

Regardless of the sales model you adopt – B2B or B2C, there is a person behind the data. That’s why a 360 view of the customer is so important. But it is not only about collecting data in your CRM. CRM software is a great way to ensure you track all the touchpoints a customer has with your company. By ensuring all communication, all historical purchases, and all customer service enquiries are stored in one place, you will always have a holistic view of the customer. 

We believe organizations need to evolve from CRM information management to customer information intelligence. 

Thanks to it, you have a chance to build a strong link with the customer, using data, or rather their analysis, from various touchpoints in the customer’s journey. Having full knowledge of the client allows you to easily refer to his grades, scoring, cooperation history,  previous actions, and interactions. The 360-degree view framework enables you to grow your ARPU, find white spaces, manage attrition, control, and develop customer satisfaction.

In nutshell 360° view helps you to:

  • prioritize doing right by the customer,
  • adapt to the customer’s specific needs,
  • personalize experience on the journey,
  • conduct an extensive internal analysis of the state of your customers’ base.

We encourage you to listen to our Enxoo webinar  “Get to know your customers better with 360° view”. In the webinar Enxoo and Sandler Training experts discussed how to:

  • use artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to scale lead generation
  • uncover the key to seamless customer experience across all touchpoints
  • create alignment between sales and marketing teams.

Check out the teaser below to get a taste before registering.


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