CC-TIS 2021 Panel Discussion: Wholesale Industry in a data-hungry age (Summary)

At the 2021 CC-Telco Infrastructure Summit in Rome, a panel of industry experts discussed the challenges and opportunities for wholesale operators in a data-hungry age. The panelists highlighted the fast-changing industry environment and customer demands, the need to quickly adapt to these changes, as well as the need for inter-operator standardization and service automation.

The panel included:

  • Artur Ostrowski, Chief Commercial Officer at Enxoo
  • Daniele Mancuso, Chief Product Management at Sparkle
  • Gint Atkinson, VP Network Strategy and Digital Architecture at SES
  • Brendan Press, Chief Commercial Officer at GBI
  • Michael Kearns, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Amartus
  • Ljubica Draskic, Head of Sales and Business Development at Smart CIC

Daniele Mancuso:

“We are in a market where the demand is doubling every two years. We see that carriers keep on investing both to upgrade existing networks and to build new infrastructure”.

Artur Ostrowski: 

“The digital transformation in telco is really looking for those new opportunities and all of us need to change to grab those opportunities that are created in a world that is changing around us. The new technologies will never enable us to win over the customers unless we provide the business support layer on top of it. Something that is flexible, automated and helps us to get quicker to the market and respond with the right value proposition, even for the very different verticals”.

Michael Kearns:

“I think to stay relevant in the industry, you have to adapt quickly and adapt to support those new requirements from the business. And that is providing the global reach, providing the richness of the services and incorporating those new technologies very quickly for your customers in order for them to exploit to make a business advantage for themselves”.

Gint Atkinson:

“We really need to get this inter-partner standardization practically adopted. It’s in very good shape from the mass, but we need the adoption by industry to get accelerated. It’s holding us back. Sonata from the MEF tells us how to accept orders, how we’re going to fulfill those orders, all of the orchestration in between. But definitely, we need the industry to adopt using these standards”.

Watch the coverage of the discussion here!

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