CC-Webinar: Telecom Industry in the digital age – how unifying sales experience can drive telecom operators efficiency – SUMMARY

On June 22, Carrier Community hosted a webinar where industry experts discussed the efficiency challenges carriers are facing and how digital transformation impacts traditional business models. The session was sponsored by Enxoo.

Artur Ostrowski, CCO at Enxoo, was joined on the panel by Mattias Fridström, Chief Evangelist at Telia Carrier, and James Grant, Commercial Director & Co-Founder at LastMileXchange.

Discussing industry challenges, Artur Ostrowski, CCO at Enxoo, said: “The telco industry is rather hesitant to change, but that comes from the fact that telco is a very heavy investment industry. It’s a heavy CAPEX industry to build your fiber network. You need to put a lot of money in the ground and the best you can do is to hope that nothing changes and have the predictability that the payback will come. So I think it is natural that the telecom industry’s DNA is not very change-oriented, but the digital journey is inevitable.”

Customers pay great attention to the experience of their purchase journey, demanding fast and efficient service, characterized by deep personalization. If operators are not prepared to meet these expectations, for example, due to long-lasting internal processes, they have to be prepared to lose some of their most valuable customers.

“When we stay on the digital journey the experience that you have is that you would be able to do the pricing in the matter of seconds or minutes. If you fall off the digital journey then suddenly you’re measuring things in days, weeks, and sometimes months”, said James Grant, Commercial Director & Co-Founder at LMX. 

According to Mattias Fridström, Chief Evangelist at Telia Carrier, “speed of delivery, speed of quotes, all of that stuff is still what we need to do. But we need to do it with the legacy we have and with everything that we have in our network and I think that’s a huge challenge for telecom operators right now. Because the speed out there is very quick right now. 3 years ago you could still get away with doing most stuff in Excel, today you can’t do that. You need the accuracy and also the customer journey that James mentioned – that’s extremely important.”

Artur Ostrowski concluded: “We are trying to provide simplicity to our clients because that’s what the external world expects from us. But in order to provide simplicity, we are managing even more complexity internally. This complexity comes from many, many things, starting with the type of services that carriers provide today. Nowadays, we are managing connectivity networking that is far more hybrid, driven by technology changes.”

You can listen to the full panel discussion on the Carrier Community website – the recording will be available soon. Topic: Telecom Industry in the Digital Age.

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