Don’t get caught in the thicket of quote and review processes

Strong pricing engine makes quote creation accurate, quick, and easy not only for internal sales reps but also for partners and customers.
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Configure Price Quote

Quickly create error-free offers

Streamline your sales reps performance with accurate and easy-to-use pricing engine creating perfect quotes. Automate the whole quote-to-cash process and sell faster.

Quote complex telco-specific products automatically

Don't let the complexity of your products stand in the way of providing easy and flexible pricing models to your customers! The robust CPQ handles with ease the products and services with multiple dependencies or a high level of customization. Choose from a variety of pricing models.

Keep consistent quoting across all channels

Provide your customers with the same quoting experience regardless of the touch-point. Thanks to the one central CPQ you can introduce clear and consistent standards of pricing for all sales channels.

Automate discounts & approvals workflows

Shorten the time required for deal sign-off with a configurable rule engine directing quotes for approval right to the responsible person.

Let the system do the heavy lifting

Automatically take into account the contract length, available bandwidth, customer location and more

Case study

CPQ replacement makes Telia Carrier a more efficient and cost-effective operator

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