Be everywhere your customers are to create an omni-channel experience

Make shopping fast and easy by enabling customer self-service with convenient order placement and dynamic pricing. Integrate multiple touch-points to provide a seamless experience.
Salesforce AppExchange

Ecommerce Platform

Customer self-service is the key

Enable your customers to configure and quote complex products or services all by themselves. They are more likely to choose your services when all is clear and easy!

Build omni-channel customer experience

Create a unique, yet consistent experience present in all your channels down to the smallest detail. Forming a sense of familiarity between your brand and the customers is the key!

Convenient & instant shopping

Let your customers choose your services no matter where they are or what they are doing. Speed up the purchase journey with an easy order placement, so simple that no assistance of your sales reps will be needed!

Gather customer information across all channels

Did you know that an online shopping platform can be a great source of the information of your customers? Find out how they're buying, what they like best, and how to communicate with them.

Create & Configure

Organize the product catalog into categories, set filters and create a seamless customer experience across all your channels.

Case Study

Helping Nexera eliminate the “NGA white spots” in Europe

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