Partner up with employees

A happy employee means good business. Tap to people’s talents, and create an environment of growth, trust and productivity.

Onboard like a boss

Introduce delightful and smooth processes for new hires.

Go digital, stay human

Teach your people how to use the brand new digital tools.

Let the talents shine

Help to develop the right skills and traits.

Focus on growth

Use frameworks that promote constant growth.

Align employee performance with company’s goals

Let's start

Set goals for your team

Set measurable objectives that can be entered by your employees. Ensure objectives are clearly stated so they can be measured and converted into results.

Conduct performance reviews

Use the review forms to capture goals and review ratings. Employees can conduct self-appraisals and request 360 feedback. Managers can complete review forms and request performance feedback meetings.

Track progress

Give managers access to information on the implementation and progress of goals and business objectives. Track goals updates and progress throughout the performance cycle.

Provide continuous growth opportunities to your employees


Manage competency models

Create new competency models, implement existing ones and build high-quality job descriptions.

Define career paths

Build unique career paths based on the structure of your organization. Define specific requirements and conditions for promotion. Share the requirements and possible career development steps with your employees and managers.

Identify employees professional aspirations

Let your employees and managers define their professional aspirations. Review and plan development activities so that your employees can raise their current level of skills and acquire new competences in accordance with their ambitions.

Get access to 360-degree feedback and boost employee engagement.


Manage the performance review process

Create review forms and assign them to your employees. Define review areas. Schedule and control the process for your organization. Monitor completion progress with dedicated reports and dashboards.

Review employee performance

Conduct review meetings in a structured way. Measure employee performance and evaluate against individual and business goal attainment.

Identify strengths and development opportunities against goals and competencies. Ask and collect feedback on employees from peers or projects.

Complete self-appraisals

Allow employees to self evaluate against their goals and objectives. Engage managers to have an open conversation about development opportunities and career growth.

Provide unique growth experience for your employees

Track training requests, plan training and use quality ratings and effects ratings to measure employee growth.

Unleash the potential of your employees

We know, every company is one in a kind. With Skilo you can build an engaging bond and facilitate the HR management process. Empower your people by giving them a real impact on their career path.

Check out Skilo

Skilo is Salesforce® based ready-to-use employee development and performance management solution.

Ready to maximize your business potential?

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