Digital transformation demands faster, simpler and more efficient operational processes. Organisations of all kinds need an agile foundation that enables them to move quickly to roll out new services, grow their reach, and serve new demand. The first step on their transformation journey has to start with OSS and BSS.

In Poland’s Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) market, NEXERA saw an opportunity to automate and optimise its back-office processes for rapid expansion across the country. Backed by Infracapital and Nokia, it is the first and largest wholesaleonly FTTH operator in Poland with a Next Generation Access (NGA) network connecting 670,000 homes. It selected Enxoo to transform its OSS and BSS and turn its business into an agile, cloud-centric and API-first wholesale FTTH operator. Enxoo provided expert consultancy and solutions that have enabled NEXERA to streamline how it configures, prices and quotes for services with zerotouch processes. On top of this, it enabled inter-provider commercial and business automation. Enxoo understood its ambitions and delivered a simple but powerful foundation that supports NEXERA’s long-term growth and continued transformation.



NEXERA wanted to achieve efficiency and agility without adding complexity to its operations. It needed a scalable solution that could grow with its business, as it grows its fiber networks across four provinces in Poland.

The challenge was to find a way to increase visibility across its organization and integrate OSS, BSS, and network infrastructure. To scale and grow efficiently, it had to automate its sales, provisioning, network management and service assurance processes with zero-touch, and find new ways to optimize its operations.

NEXERA understood that visibility would be critical to capturing new businesses insights and using intelligence to make smarter decisions. Data and analytics had to be easy to access and on-demand.

With all of this in mind, it couldn’t just buy an off-the-shelf solution. It needed to bring together OSS, BSS and network infrastructure into a seamless solution and all against aggressive timelines. NEXERA needed a partner with specific industry knowledge, proven experience in transformation, and expertise in developing and delivering OSS/BSS solutions for carriers and FTTH operators.


In just 9 months, Enxoo worked with NEXERA and its partners to develop and deploy a multi-cloud solution for OSS and BSS. Enxoo listened and understood NEXERA’s challenges and goals, then mapped out a transformation journey that would bring its systems and process into alignment leveraging cloud-based tools.

It deployed Enxoo for Communications solution that combines the Salesforce CRM platform with industryspecific customisations and capabilities for FTTH. The solution enabled NEXERA to automate customer management, product management, request handling, order preparation, order fulfilment, network management, billing, service assurance and reporting, with all of the flexibility and scalability of the cloud. It also uses Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics for business intelligence and Artificial Intelligenceaugmented data discovery and explanations.

Enxoo Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) wholesale product management enables NEXERA to rapidly quote and provision wholesale services across its network footprint with zero-touch processes. This is a key steppingstone to offering on-demand connectivity and rapid service delivery. All tools and capabilities were deployed with an API-first approach, which supports integrations with Poland’s largest service providers. Enxoo also worked closely with OSS provider CROSS Network Intelligence and infrastructure provider Nokia to deliver one cohesive and easy-to-use solution for FTTH.

With Enxoo’s support, NEXERA is able to increase productivity and achieve efficiency with a foundation for continued digital transformation projects.



  • A Comprehensive Solution – Enxoo provided an all-in-one solution for FTTH that integrated OSS, BSS, and network infrastructure and made it seamless to manage and provision services
  • Efficiency – NEXERA has achieved automation and efficiency in its processes with zero-touch quoting, billing and service assurance
  • Analytics – Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics make business intelligence instantly accessible with AI-driven insights
  • Self-Service – NEXERA’s self-service portal puts the control in the hands of users and enables them to quickly serve the customer demands and go from quote-to-cash
  • Seamless Communication – NEXERA and partners can seamlessly communicate via APIs that remove the complexity from integrating multiple tools and services
  • A Unified Approach – Enxoo unifies business and technical frameworks to deliver service assurance tailored to carriers and wholesale FTTH providers