Delivering comprehensive end-to-end customer experiences in the era of data-on-demand services SUMMARY

Capacity Middle East 2021 Report

Enxoo and CSG Capacity Middle East 2021 sponsors, hosted the panel discussion on the business implications for telcos adopting and deploying connectivity and data-on-demand services, the impact of these market dynamics, and how to deliver comprehensive end-to-end customer experiences. 

Enxoo CCO, Artur Ostrowski, was joined in the Capacity Middle East 2021 session by telecom industry experts from CSG, Expereo, IX Telecom, Du, and Ilex Content Strategies.

Changing customer expectations 

SD-WAN and data-on-demand services are driving the need for end-to-end customer experiences. Telcos are being challenged to move with greater agility across their entire organization to meet changing expectations of customers buying network services. 

“What defines the customer experience? For me it’s personalization, easy-of-use, and speed,” said Artur Ostrowski, CCO at Enxoo. “But, SD-WAN goes beyond the typical B2B customer experience at a business level. It’s about understanding what the customer is using the network for, when and how, what quality is needed, and when to meet the expectations – this is actually a very fundamental part of making a very personalized experience.” 

“Customers really want to have a one-stop-shop experience,” emphasized Finn Kornbo, Product Director, Digital Wholesale in CSG. “It’s no longer good to have part of the connectivity being provided by the service provider. They have to take the responsibility to create an ecosystem of partners, enabling customers to have an experience where they order something and get a whole package in return in a timely manner.”

Enterprises demand telcos to be more dynamic and offer simplicity  

“Today, enterprise expectations are driving massive transformation within telco businesses, demanding them to expand capabilities and become more dynamic to serve their networking needs. Enterprises now need services to be delivered on-demand and at the click,” said Abou Moustafa, Vice President of ME & LE Segment at Du.”Telcos need to be able to develop and support this on-demand ecosystem. Covid was a wake up call in terms of delivering on-demand experiences for enterprises.”

Sander Barens, COO at Expereo added: “With the increasing Cloud-driven digitalization and the more complex way your customers are finding each other, it requires a whole new infrastructure to support that. Our customers are asking us to make it easy for them – we do this by being a single point of contact to deal with the complexity of all the local suppliers and bring it back into a single source for knowledge and capabilities to tap into, helping them to adapt this new internet-centric networking.”

Telcos facing challenges from disjoined systems and fragmented data 

Providing enterprise solutions has become more complex for telcos as they can no longer manage services on top of their own network, but have to deliver services on-demand using other players in the market. In addition, disjoined business support and network systems result in fragmented data which is very problematic to manage, making it difficult to deliver a seamless customer-experience.  

“Systems have not been built years ago to support this on-demand and rapid delivery,” said Artur Ostrowski.  “An integrated OSS/BSS solution as a single source of truth for all interactions with customers can help to deliver an end-to-end customer experience in this challenging environment.”

The evolution of on-demand services

The panel agreed on the evolution of data-on demand services and that hyper-automation, AI, 5G, and API-based interoperability will play an important role for telcos to deliver an enhanced customer experience in the future.

“Less human interaction, a lot more automation – this is what consumers demand from their suppliers”, said Taufiq Hussien, Chief Business Development Officer in IX Telecom.

“Connectivity-on-demand on the last mile is still a challenge and true on-demand doesn’t really exist at the moment, we are still many years away,” concluded Sander Barens, Chief Commercial Officer at Expereo.

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