Digital Self-Care: The growing importance for Carriers

The pandemic, a rapidly changing market environment, and rising customer expectations have pushed wholesale telecom operators more than ever to transform their businesses into agile and flexible organizations.

Especially in this data-hungry age, there is a new generation of B2B and wholesale customers who want an Amazon-like buying experience, enabled through self-care and with services delivered on-demand, on-time, and at the click. 

According to a recent McKinsey research on decision makers’ behavior globally across industries, more than three-quarters of B2B buyers and sellers say they now prefer digital self-serve and remote human engagement over face-to-face interactions. Safety is one reason, of course. But self-serve and remote interactions have made it easier for buyers to get information, place orders, and arrange service, and customers have enjoyed that speed and convenience.

However, many operators still struggle with self-service because a lot of their processes depend on manual back-office work. A comprehensive business support system (BSS) platform that offers end-to-end automation in the areas of customer management, order management, service fulfillment, and billing, can provide telcos with a foundation that can be easily extended to include a customer & partner self-care solution.     

Enxoo can help operators to enable self-service for their customers & partners, as well as streamline operational processes through automation.

Enxoo Commerce is an engagement platform designed to meet carrier market requirements by providing customers and partners with a self-service portal & built-in APIs, enabling real-time serviceability checks, quoting, ordering & self-care. In addition, customers and partners can stay on top of their service inventory, ongoing and past deliveries, support cases, and invoices ensuring full data transparency and a one-stop-shop experience.

Here are two great examples of Enxoo delivering its self-service solutions:

  • Upp, a new FTTH operator in the UK, needed a flexible solution that would limit inbound calls and allow its B2C & B2B customers to self-serve, making contact seamless and always-on. Through, customers can check service availability, buy products, upgrade their packages and manage appointments with field service engineers. Read the full story here.
  • Telia Carrier wanted to provide its customers with easy access to data, information, products, services and support – all in one place. Through the My Carrier portal, customers can order services and get full visibility of their ongoing deliveries, service performance, usage statistics as well as planned works. Read the full story here.

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