Report from the GCCM 2020 Berlin

What motivates people and companies to change most?

COVID-19 it is putting people to start doing things in different ways. But what are the other drivers for change? Why do people change, what motivates them the most? What are the most important drivers of change?

These were the threads during the CEE 2020 GCCM panel session in Berlin entitled  “Digital transformation and building new technologies, structures and business models“.

Some of the biggest companies want to save money, this is probably the dominant factor to change”, said Artur Ostrowski, CCO of Enxoo. However, there can be many reasons for this. “I don’t want customers to wait 3 weeks for the offers or 6 weeks for service delivery. I want to provide more transparency, build better relations with customers…I need to reposition, I need to work with other partners. I want to create an ecosystem, because this business may not survive for another 20 years…”, said Artur Ostrowski.

Enxoo has unique expertise in transforming telecoms and therefore knows perfectly well why digital transformation is inevitable and critical to the success of telecoms and how you can support carriers to go through the transformation successfully.

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