Enxoo Industry Cloud Experience conference

What is Enxoo Industry Cloud Experience?

Enxoo Industry Cloud Experience (EICE) is an annual conference gathering digital transformation enthusiasts interested in getting to know how to:

  • – increase business agility
  • – improve customer experience
  • facilitate growth
  • – maintain competitive advantage

Every year Enxoo invites high-level attendees and inspiring speakers. Above all, we encourage them to make the most of their EICE experience by participating in discussions on the latest solutions and trends. We focus on three sectors: Telecommunications, HR and Utilities & E-mobility.

What is the idea behind the conference?

The main idea is to create a platform for knowledge sharing, establishing broader business cooperation and networking. Moreover, the event enables the exchange of views and experiences.

Industry Cloud means a unique attitude towards digital transformation of businesses. In particular, using an all-in-one platform based on Salesforce technology and telco-specific Enxoo solutions.  The “Cloud” part enables fast implementation, reliability and security. The “Industry” element stands for ready-made solutions designed for the telecommunications sector. As a result, they make identifying customers’ needs much faster.  

Experience relates to the exceptional communication with clients and building a one-team spirit. In other words, Enxoo takes a client on a digital transformation journey and serves as a guide: a competent, experienced and dependable one.

Why attend?

Firstly, joining us at Enxoo Industry Cloud Experience means becoming a part of our great community. Secondly, you have the opportunity to follow the forward-thinking presentations on the latest innovations, as well as panel discussions on the hottest digital transformation topics. 

Moreover, you meet business leaders and industry experts who tackle relevant topics that are impacting the telecommunications sector right now. Last but not least, you enjoy networking with the industry elite: over 70% of EICE attendees hold Senior and Executive positions.

Therefore, let the Enxoo event be an inspiration to raise the bar and become a leader of technological changes in your industry! 

  • – Stay at the forefront of innovation
  • – Meet potential new clients
  • – Enhance your competitive edge
  • – Become a digital transformation leader
  • – Stay on top of industry trends
  • – Learn from the business leaders’ experience through networking

The venue

The first edition of EICE took place in Warsaw, at the Conference Centre at the National Stadium.
The 2019 event was in The Heart Warsaw, at the 38th floor of the famous Warsaw Spire building.

So, where to next? How about London? Stay tuned for the latest updates by following us on LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/enxoo/


The conference agenda is always jam-packed with exciting keynote speeches, learning sessions and the latest insights from leading industry minds. It also includes networking opportunities.

We host simultaneous discussion panels for Telecommunications, Human Resources,  Utilities & E-mobility.  And we invite EU and national representatives from well-established companies and award-winning startups such as: Telia Carrier, T-Mobile, INEA, DocuSign, NEXERA, ATM, AIRX Technologies and many others… They share their experience from the “front line” of digital transformation. 

If you are interested in the EICE 2019 agenda, you can download it here: https://www2.enxoo.com/eicexcomms

Our Partner

Enxoo organizes EICE in cooperation with Salesforce®, the global leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). We are proud to be a Salesforce Platinum Partner. Indeed, all our solutions are built on Salesforce® technology. 

We walk together with Salesforce and invite you to join us on the exciting journey of making your digital transformation happen.

EICE in numbers

Enxoo Industry Cloud Experience conference is growing year to year. For instance, in 2019 we have noticed a 226% increase in attendees, a huge boost in organic social media reach and a 100% positive feedback. 

Looks impressive? Check out some more amazing statistics and facts from EICE  2019:  https://www.enxoo.com/events/eice-2019/

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