Total Telecom Congress 2020

9:00 UTC+00:00
Online webinar

Let’s meet at the Total Telecom Congress on October 27-28!

Total Telecom Congress 2020 is the global telecoms landscape is changing faster than ever before. As operators strive to master their digital strategies, build next generation mobile and fixed networks, and deliver impeccable customer experience they face a raft of new opportunities and challenges.

Enxoo Team is going there. Let’s meet!  

Meet with us to:

  • Learn how to accelerate digital journey
  • Gain helpful advice on getting started right
  • Know CPQ tailored to telecoms needs


You are at the right place! Meet with Elliot Nuttall,  Enxoo Industry Cloud Expert helping to in BSS/ OSS transformation. Let’s chat about how Enxoo can help unleash your business potential.


See past events: Capacity Europe 2020, Connected Britain 2020, CC-Telco Infrastructure Summit 2020, Capacity Middle East 2020, CEE 2020 GCCM

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