GCCM Berlin Panel Discussion: Digital Transformation and building new technologies, structures and business models (Summary)

At the recent GCCM conference in Berlin, a panel of industry experts discussed how new business strategies and technologies reshape products and services and how wholesale operators can prepare themselves for the digital age. The panel also explored the challenges and opportunities organizations face when leveraging their data and technology for competitive advantage.

The panel included:

  • Sander Barens, Chief Commercial Officer at Expereo
  • Sunil David, Regional Director (IOT) at AT&T
  • Krzysztof Zych, Chief Executive Officer at Enxoo
  • Finn Kornbo, Director Product Management, Digital Wholesale at CSG
  • Igor Skutsenya, RCS Team Leader and FMS Project Manager at Lanck Telecom

In summary, the panelist agreed that operators have to put the customer first, clean up their data, and closely collaborate with partners and other carriers. Furthermore, operators should start their digital journey by choosing a continual transformation strategy that allows them to build an effective ecosystem step by step and react quickly to changing market conditions.

Sander Barens:

If you really want to go into a digital journey, you can’t do it by yourself. That requires different companies, different applications, skill sets, an ecosystem that needs to come together.”

Krzysztof Zych:

“Transformation is not about just one step or one project or even a number of projects. It’s a continual journey and you need to start experimenting with new products and services. Measure, observe and make informed decisions after a number of experiments and adjust to the market – this will be super important, allowing you to react so much quicker to everything.”

Finn Kornbo: 

“Put your customer and your customer’s customers first because that works. We need to be prepared for an agile environment where things are not standing still. Our customers are not standing still. I think it’s important to strive for the ultimate customer experience. Define and deliver consistent digital experiences across any of the platforms and channels towards our to increase operational efficiency. Make use of the great technology out there to drive automation and application integration into the environment.”

Igor Skutsenya:

“Data is very important, and the way you treat it. The combination of gathering and using the right data and having the right culture and attitude towards it is very important as well.”

Sunil David:

“I just sum it up in a single sentence, that today we are living in a connected world. In the next year, we’ll probably move from connected products to intelligent products because AI is going to get more democratized. Products will become more intelligent and autonomous, and human intervention would be far, far lesser. Our products will be able to report about their problems directly without people intervening.”

Watch the coverage of the discussion here!

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