How to improve the efficiency of your business document generation process?

According to a recent report from Parseq, 82% of UK executives plan to transform their company in the next 12 months. Each CEO interviewed will also take steps to increase the efficiency of their business over the next year.

Improving operational efficiency is not a one-time task. It requires the constant adjustment and optimization of technology and processes across the entire organization. The digital journey starts with building a foundation for continual transformation. The digitization and automation of certain business processes have a big impact on the way people work, as it allows them to focus on the essential tasks by eliminating time spent on manual repetitive, time-consuming, and tiresome work.

The preparation of documents, including offers, quotes or contracts, is often one of those inefficient jobs, employees have to deal with on a daily basis – but, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Automated document generation process allows you to:

Optimize your sales rep’s work. The preparation of offers, quotes or contracts is often a tedious process. Automatically create document templates, and free up your sales team from repeatable tasks that previously took up their valuable time.

Create error-free documents. Have you ever felt uneasy because of that one mistake you spot in your document you’ve just sent to the customer? Never again! Enxoo Documents provides a simple and effective way to ensure the correctness and consistency of documents generated by anyone in the company.

Express your brand’s true identity and meet your corporate standards. Gain complete freedom in managing the content of your document and include attractive tables, dynamic text or paste images. Create the final document in just a few seconds, using the well-known Word and PDF formats.

Enxoo has launched Enxoo Documents, a cost-effective solution for easy, fast and automated document generation. The Salesforce-native application and now available for sale on the AppExchange.

At Enxoo, we believe organizations must build a foundation of systems and processes that allows them to continuously transform their businesses and more easily adapt to future change. Enxoo Documents is another step on this journey as it improves efficiency by automating repetitive, time-consuming and tedious work.

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