ITW 2021 Panel Discussion: Extracting new business opportunities from automation (SUMMARY)

Telecom operators are increasingly being challenged to digitally transform their operations in order to become more efficient and provide a better experience to their customers and partners. Automation plays a critical role in enabling digital transformation, not only in the Business-to-Consumer industry but also increasingly among B2B and wholesale operators. 

At the recent ITW 2021 conference, a panel of industry experts discussed how wholesale operators can extract new business opportunities from automation. The panel included: 

  • Ruth Welter, VP Strategic Alliances at Colt Technology Services GmbH
  • Artur Ostrowski, CCO at Enxoo
  • Finn Kornbo, Director Product Management, Digital Wholesale at CSG
  • Shane Unfred, EVP Business Development at TSG Global
  • Shoaib Yousuf, Partner at Boston Consulting Group

 Ruth Welter: “During this pandemic, we have seen an increased demand from our customers to help them to support their remote workplaces, including the transformation of services into the cloud. And here automation is something that is absolutely key. You need to have the network that gives you the agility to offer agile services, to build on-demand services and to give partners the option to order services on-demand, in an automated way and integrated into their own processes.”

Artur Ostrowski: “There’s no carrier on the globe that can provide full end-2-end enterprise solutions fully on-net. So in order to provide a better customer experience, you really need to enable automation among carriers. And that requires another change of the architecture in the way of how you expose your systems to partners in a more transparent way.”

Finn Kornbo: “I think the challenge we need to overcome to be successful in creating a partner ecosystem of the future is that we need to create a superb user experience for the enterprise customer. And maybe most importantly, we need to invest in a fully automated back-end solution to allow telcos to bring on the hundreds or thousands of partners that we need in order to create that rich and exciting offering for the enterprise.”

Shoaib Yousuf: “Automation will play a fundamental role in how wholesale businesses can actually expand and actually kind of leverage the ecosystem to create a differentiated product and service offering and move away from traditional connectivity for business.”

Watch the full coverage of the discussion here!

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