Let’s celebrate World Telecommunication & Information Society Day 2021 together!

World Telecommunications and Information Society Day (WTISD) is celebrated annually on May 17 on the occasion of the signing of the first International Telegraphic Convention in 1865 and the founding of the International Telecommunications Union in 1969.

The idea of World Telecommunications and Information Society Day is to raise awareness of the opportunities offered by the Internet and other information and communication technologies to mankind, as well as ways to overcome the digital divide.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has uncovered and fueled the need for a more rapid business transformation, moving the telecom industry to a new reality where digital connectivity has become its backbone. Telecoms are undergoing major structural changes caused by market economics, rising customer expectations as well as regulatory requirements. The industry dynamic is also steered by technological changes like 5G, network slicing or SD WAN. Every year we observe continual global Internet traffic growth. We use the network more frequently, for more applications, for more personal and business needs. 

It is therefore a continually changing industry so the journey through the new challenges requires a good grasp of long term plan and concept to achieve outstanding agility.

Be with us on this journey! Go digital, stay relevant! 

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