‘NoOps’ – Zero-touch automation on the horizon

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The need to introduce new services in an ever shorter time to meet the growing and constantly changing customer demands, requires operators to adopt more agile methods. Already, service provider processes are too complex so that a transition from manual intervention to full automation is required to operate in a reliable way. In addition, new technologies such as IoT, 5G and AI reinforce the need for improvement and automation, as well as skilful use of data to build a market advantage. The right direction to achieve this are Zero-Touch operations, also referred to by some as “NoOps”.

Operational efficiency

The data of global consulting agency Forrester Consulting shows that thanks to automation, companies are able to accelerate business processes by up to 87%, gain over 21,000 saved work hours, and a return on investment of 113%. 

Automation allows to:

– seamlessly handle service requests, 

– respond to network events in real-time, 

– effectively manage cooperation with suppliers, 

– eliminate time-consuming human intervention, 

– quickly create quotes, and 

– rapidly deliver wholesale services throughout networks without having to touch any processes.

That is why more and more operators choose digital transformation and a zero-touch approach as a natural direction of development. The global COVID-19 crisis has accelerated this trend and made organisations realize the importance of digitization and automation of processes. This allows them to maintain business continuity, increase work efficiency and achieve measurable savings. 

Data is the key Asset

The progressing and inevitable digitalization generates more data. Thanks to new technical possibilities, operators can use data from previous customer interactions to effectively predict future behaviour and requirements before customers even communicate or contact them. 

Also, the automation and integration of processes gives operators access to real-time and well-structured data, allowing them to activate services immediately, in a transparent manner, and effectively deal with any incidents.

All this builds trust, increases customer satisfaction, and consequently gives operators a competitive advantage and positions them as a partner of first choice.

Grow your business with Enxoo

Enxoo can help to increase your productivity and achieve efficiency by offering effective solutions and support on your business transformation journey. We are a team of experts in Digital Transformation, Automation and OSS/ BSS. We can advise you on how to realize your vision, making sure all systems and processes are in the right place so you can interact with your customers and other carriers in the best possible way. 

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