OSS/BSS and SD-WAN – Successful Enterprise Experiences

The constant pressure of competition and SD WANs disruption reshape today’s wholesale telecoms like never before. SD-WAN is driving the need for transformation in business and operations support systems (BSS/ OSS), shifting emphasis to the positive end-to-end customer experience.

Ensuring a cohesive and consistent enterprise customer experience is the fundament for building their loyalty and competitive advantage these days.

Businesses expect billing, quoting, and other backend processes to be as simple and hassle-free as click-to-connect networks.

SD-WAN simplifies the WAN over traditional models. Among many innovations, it allows you to reduce costs, increase bandwidth efficiency and smoothly enter the cloud.

Are you interested in simplifying SD-WAN offering with integrated OSS / BSS? Read the Telecom Ramblings article on OSS/BSS and SD-WAN: Delivering Comprehensive End-to-End Enterprise Experiences.

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