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Land database and potential projects

Build land bank integrated with land register maps, purchase process, project budget planning and execution.

Secure prospective lands for future projects

Use Google and geodetic maps with an easy drawing tool and identify potential sites to build your ideal land bank.

Manage land acqusition process

Prepare required documents, collaborate with vendors and state administration and track statuses of the deal.

Budget future procjets

Develop multiple financial plans for a project, compare options and make most beneficial choice.


Handover protocol, service and defects

Servicing and defects requests with photos, print and signing handover protocol with defects summary, mass update of requests status.

Streamline defects registration

Simplify the process of defects registration by giving your clients an easy way of reporting defects and updating them with the information of what is happening.

Have everything at hand

Print all the necessary handover protocols and defects summaries from one place.

Establish direct communication

Have an open channel of communication with contractors and providers.


Plan & monitor incoms, generate invoices directly in CRM

Support transactions with accured interest, overpaymet and refund, manage escrow accounts, stream to finance and accounting systems.

Invoices in one click

Generate accurate, CRM data based, branded invoices and send it to your clientin the blink of an eye.

Acquire full control over your cashflow

Plan your incoms, supervise payments schedules and automatically execute overdues.

Leverage CRM Automation for your Finanacial services

Accelerate your reporting and reduce errors with your Financial and Accounting system integration.

Case study

Digital CRM for one of the biggest residential developers in Poland


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