Property Database & Search

Manage all assets and search through defined criteria.

Organize price lists, including discount and booking conditions, change the parameters for one or many properties.

Find the right property in a flash

Use built-in, intuitive search engine to filter properties by name, area, price, category, availavility and any criteria you define to generate an offer tailored to your cusomters' needs.

Store all of your properties data in one place

Organize each property in hieracichal structure. Define iformation categories and relations between them. Then use that data for automation.

Sales Process Automation

Make the sales process faster and more efficient

Prepare professional proposal, cerate reservation with due date, generate payment schedule based on template.

Know what your customers need

Record search criteria per customer and tailor communication and display to their preferences.

Hit them with special offer when they are ready to buy

Add current promotions or create client specific promotions. Apply discounts, and trigger discount approvals around specific parameters by property or by user.

Reduce human factor and asure perfect billing

Utilize custom payments schedule and introduce changes in a real time.

Sales Management

Make agreements on favorable terms

Manage discounts and commission per user, create reservation terms for properties, report contract terms.

Initiate disccount request process

Put your managers in charge of accepting and denying discount distribution. Notify them about sales process details and cotract conditions.

Encourage your sales reps to excel

Manage financial targets, profit margins and commissions across all involved in the sales, both employees and 3rd party sales partners.

After Sales Service

Manage operations after signing the contract to key delivery

Register, vaule and execute changes, control defects application and realization, sign annexes and applications, define automated tasks.

Simplify ownership transfer

Guide your clients through the necessary steps for ownership transfer ensuring transparency throughout the entire process.

Handle clients request competently

Manage any service requests or concerns that arise upon moving in and accommodate the scope of fit-outs and extensions.

Stay on top at every point

Make sure that everything is right on track at each milestone with built-in data validation.

Case study

Digital CRM for one of the biggest residential developers in Poland



Control leads management and marketing budgets

Analyse customer source, marketing budgets and final cost of lead and contract acquisition.

Acquire control over marketing budget

Set up marketing budgets for upcomming projects and those on a run.

Know the value of your customers

Set up goals, evaluate and refine on cost per lead and cost per acquisition.

Measure efficiency of marketing campaigns

Compare activities and evaluate its return on investment and contribution to overall revenue.

Customer & Partners Database

Gather key information about people you interact with

Store and organize current statuses about your customers and partners.

Have a comprahensive overview of your customers affairs

Keep key information about your customer. Have an eye over signed and planned contacts, save past interests and favourites and stay relevant at any communication with a history of previous interactions.

Establish strong relationship with your partners

Enable your team to have an insight into your partners contact info, terms of cooperation and commisions.

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