Salesforce for Carriers

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Salesforce for Carriers powered by Enxoo for Communications

We thought you stopped relying solely on this:

to keep track of your customer relationships.

We also believed you got rid of:

to calculate a winning quote.

However, after many years of observations, we noticed that many carriers still:

• crunch sales numbers and calculate quotes using spreadsheets

• have their sales reps tied up in complex and time-consuming manual processes 

• decide on multi-million EUR deals by exchanging a multitude of emails

• struggle with operational visibility

• can’t adapt fast enough to stay relevant

With Enxoo you keep pace with disruptive technology changing the telecommunications landscape. 

With our solution ‘Enxoo for Communications’ we can ensure a straightforward transfer by applying an industry-specific concept: Salesforce for Carriers

Stay relevant and turn your telecom business into a modern and customer-oriented operation to:

• close deals faster

• manage complex products with ease

• control your revenue and margins on every single deal

Choosing the right starting point for your business transformation can result in significant benefits:

50% improvement in sales team satisfaction

30% increase in customer satisfaction

even 30% improvement on EBITDA

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