SD-WAN: Is a disruption around the corner?

More than 200+ operators from over 40+ countries took part in this year’s CC-Telco Infrastructure Summit. The virtual event was mainly focused on infrastructure and content. Diverse and dynamic group of speakers and panellists provided a unique in-depth insight on the telecom industry market. 

Enxoo as Associate Partner of this event discussed potential opportunities and threats coming with SD-WAN as Service. SD‐WAN has evolved from the early adopter stage and entered the growth stage driven by demand for more agile, high-performance, and secure networking, said Artur Ostrowski, CCO at Enxoo during the session led by the hosts EXPEREO and ENXOO on September 29, 2020. 

A lot was discussed about changes and the inevitable digital transformation of telecoms. “We believe  that there is one thing, is a fundamental building block among all of these changes, and that is the BSS strategy”, Arthur Ostrowski said. He emphasized that global carriers cannot wait any longer, but must act and make sure that they built their position in a new ecosystem and leverage the partners to achieve that.

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