Enxoo’s 10th Anniversary. Stakeholder Experience – the driving force of our growth

This year we celebrate Enxoo’s 10th Anniversary. Enxoo is a consulting company and systems integrator built on a shared promise to all stakeholders: employees, customers, partners, and owners. It means to us providing a unique way of cooperation based on trust, openness, professionalism, industry specialization, and fun in everything we do. We believe that great stakeholder experience and our operational agility are the driving forces behind Enxoo, contributing to the continued growth and success of our business. So let’s explain what we mean by that.

Employee experience and our culture

At Enxoo, we listen to employees and simply deliver what is required for their personal development and growth, and to create a positive and motivational work environment. Over the last year, we have introduced a number of new initiatives, including an individual development path for everyone, a new employee benefits platform, and new policies and subsidies to support remote work.

The concept of ​​T-shaped skills works well for us. Instead of strictly differentiating who is doing what, an entire delivery team is cooperatively involved in most of the activities, supporting each other in achieving a common goal, together with customers and partners. 

We continue our path to become a truly agile organization, and over the past year, we have tested [email protected] in different forms. It turned out to be very beneficial in coordinating work of multiple teams that are somehow related. Without well-coordinated teams, it wouldn’t have been possible to achieve such great results.

At Enxoo, company values are more than empty phrases, they are a way of life. We work hard, but don’t forget to laugh, joke, and build informal personal relationships. On a daily basis, we try to improve one small element of what we do and how we do it, as individuals and as a team, helping us in getting better every day.

At the same time, we continue volunteering our time and skills to support charities and non-profit organizations – giving back to others is an integral part of the Enxoo culture. Over the past year, we have expanded our CSR activities and were also asked to share our experience in this space with the Salesforce Partner Community in EMEA and LATAM, a great example for others to follow.

We have also launched the long-awaited Enxoo Culture Book, which is a great source of information for new employees on how we work and play together.

Our ongoing commitment, to create a ‘company of friends’ where people like to spend time with each other, was recognized by the market, and we have won the 2021 Dream Employer Award!

Customer and partner experience

We understand the challenges of a digital transformation, the effort, and level of stress an organization must go through when changing processes and systems. That is why we put in a lot of effort to be easy to do business with, relieve pain, and create value as early as possible.

In terms of project implementation, we always start with understanding the business goals, allowing us to deliver tangible value and measurable results. Each of us is responsible for the quality of everything we do – this is our highest priority and something we never compromise on.

All our projects are implemented in accordance with the principles of Agile Scrum or Kanban methods, which creates transparency for the customer at all times. We believe that only early and frequent delivery of working software reveals the true power of the agile approach. This is why we work with our customers to define a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and deploy it into production as soon as possible.

This first step greatly improves a shared understanding of where we are and where we are going. Subsequent releases can usually be smaller and therefore delivered faster than MVP. Frequent delivery is critical to project success as it engages users who can see business requirements materialize into working software in a short period of time.

We complement our services by cooperating with many organizations that share similar values ​​and offer solutions in related areas, including OSS (Operations Support Systems), NMS (Network Management System), provisioning, finance, and electronic signature. We work with them to build end-to-end turnkey solutions that change the way our customers can perform, monitor, and improve their business.

It is very important for us to react quickly to the needs of our customers, and I believe that the success of Enxoo depends to a large extent on this. In addition, by acting on customer feedback and listening to their needs, we have managed to keep our Net Promoter Score (NPS) above the industry average.

Delivering value with industry specialization

Our founding idea was to build a consulting boutique focused on the telecommunications industry, specializing in the automation of business processes around customers using Salesforce technology. Such specialization comes with the promise that thanks to the knowledge, technology, and standards, we can provide customers with more valuable services faster and more reliably.

To achieve this, we constantly invest in our knowledge and understanding of the industry-specific needs and challenges of our customers. We wouldn’t be able to deliver real value without employing people who have worked in similar businesses facing similar pain points. This is why our Salesforce teams are complemented with telecom experts.

Yes, we are primarily Salesforce experts, but we do not limit ourselves to standard software and constantly expand technology with our own accelerators, which are available on the Appexchange. As a result, implementation is much faster and less risky for the customer segments we specialize in.

Our deep industry knowledge allows us to deliver multi-cloud solutions that automate lead-to-cash cycles and optimize business processes. The solutions are built on industry standards and with an API-first approach, based on MEF/TM Forum, enabling our customers to create foundations for long-term innovation.

Our goal is to be recognized as the best digital transformation guide for our customers, which will help them choose the optimal path and make the journey a positive experience for all parties involved.

Year 2021 achievements

2021 was an extremely successful year for Enxoo. We have doubled our revenues once again in just 2 years, despite the challenging market conditions and the change in the way we work. With 40-50% continuous annual revenue growth over the past 10 years, we are proud to be one of the fastest-growing Independent Salesforce partners.

Most of our revenue comes from our SI (Systems Integrator) business and is supplemented by ISV (Independent Software Vendor) revenue generated from our Appexchange products. During the last year, we enriched our offer for aspiring communications service providers (CSPs) with new apps: Enxoo Billing and Enxoo Documents.

Let me mention a few outstanding customers who perfectly illustrate our capabilities and achievements in 2021: Nexera, Upp.com, and Expereo. They are all market disruptors with innovative ways to deliver value to the telecommunications market, connecting customers faster and more efficiently.

  • Nexera is an award-winning startup which, in just 3 years, became a market leader in wholesale FTTH access in Poland. Enxoo provides truly zero-touch serviceability, quoting, ordering, fulfillment and service assurance, all thanks to a tight integration of BSS (business support systems), OSS (operations support systems), and NMS (network management systems). The solution is complemented by an API layer based on the MEF LSO Sonata standard, enabling frictionless data exchange between carriers – this is the first, experimental implementation for BSA (bitstream access) services globally.
  • Expereo is the European SD-WAN market leader, offering fast and reliable connectivity for enterprises on a global scale. Despite not having its own network, Expereo is able to effectively compete with first-tier operators. Enxoo was invited to an in-house delivered transformation initiative that will replace most of the legacy systems to simplify customer and partner-related processes. In 2021, we successfully supported the implementation of Enxoo Billing, including data migration with zero discrepancy, which is an extremely rare achievement in such projects.
  • Finally, Upp.com, another startup that invests in FTTH networks in the UK. The company provides next-level broadband to customers and local businesses in underserved towns and areas across the East of England. With Enxoo’s commitment, experience, and ready-to-use solutions, Upp was able to build a multi-cloud solution in just 6 months that enables all the processes required to automate customer communication, service sales, installation, and customer care.

A big thank you to everyone involved – employees, customers, and partners – in building such an amazing company as Enxoo. I can promise you that we will cherish our Dream Employer status and continue to grow – all with the aim to become a leading global provider of Salesforce-based lead-to-cash solutions to mid-sized CSPs and other customers who share our values.

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