The Benefits of Digitizing the Telecom Sales Process

Sales process efficiency is vital and fundamental to business growth. If your sales process lasts weeks or if making basic quotes is complex and requires the attention of pre-sales business controllers, you lose a key competitive advantage. Relying on manual tasks during the sales process not only causes delays in sending quotes and orders, it is also prone to errors, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and, potentially, a high level of churn.

Having an automated sales cycle can help telecom operators to control the inefficient parts of the business and keep their customers satisfied by quickly delivering quotes and orders.

At the pricing stage, accuracy, quick response, and personalization are key for an efficient and successful sales process. When the price offer is detailed, precise and tailored to individual needs, customers are more satisfied and willing to buy. However, it is estimated that salespeople on average spend only 35% of their time on actual selling. The remaining time is wasted on long-lasting internal processes and explaining prices, discounts, rates to their customers.

Read how the Enxoo CPQ has increased Telia Carrier’s sales efficiency by 30%

Digitizing and automating typically manual business processes has a big impact on a sales reps work and performance – it eliminates the time spent on unproductive and time-consuming work, allowing them to focus on their core tasks, selling adequate products, delivering customer value, and building strong customer relationships.

Enxoo offers solutions that can help to automate and accelerate the entire Request-to-Order process. With the Saleforce-native Enxoo CPQ and Enxoo Documents you can prepare even the most complex quote within minutes and create the final document in just a few seconds. It’s easy, fast and accurate! 

Benefits of an automated Request-to-Order process are vast:

– Quicker Quote-to-Order process 

– Easily manage complex telco-specific products

– Consistent quoting across all channels

– Creating complex quotes in minutes

– Automated approval and discount workflow

– Closing deals faster

– Better revenue and margin control on every single deal

– Improved visibility on sales pipeline

– Sales and revenue forecasting on account level

– Seamless experience for sales reps

– Time and cost savings

– Increased customer satisfaction

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Enxoo can help you to increase productivity and efficiency along your business transformation journey by automating key business processes. We are a team of telecom and technical experts in Digital Transformation, Automation and OSS/ BSS. We can advise you on how to realize your vision, making sure all systems and processes are in the right place so you can interact with your customers and other carriers in the best possible way.

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