The future cost of implementing 5G

Adding spare capacity to FTTH deployments today significantly reduces 5G rollout costs tomorrow – this is the conclusion of the FTTH Council study, which was published at the FTTH 2020 conference.

There are a lot of  benefits of convergence between FTTH and 5G networks specifically in the greenfield scenario when network rollout may take into account 5G nodes locations as well as spare capacity. As per “FTTH Council Europe in 2019 had revealed that an optimally converged network for FTTH and  5G could eliminate between 65% and 96% of the cost of a standalone fibre network for 5G.”*

Based on Enxoo observations FTTH rollout has to be backed up with a smart BSS/OSS deployment. CAPEX strategies should be followed by state of the art operational efficiency.

@Enxoo we believe that in order to achieve operational agility, operators have to build a foundation of systems that allows them to continually transform their business, creating a long-term competitive advantage.  

Continual transformation is more like understanding your vision, what you are trying to achieve in these changing market conditions.

Find out more about the study released by the FTTH Council 

If you are still keen on exploring 

– NoOps 

– Continual transformation models


contact Enxoo and discover how we see the world of FTTH business transformation.

About the FTTH Conference

The FTTH Conference is the largest fiber-optic summit, bringing together decision-makers, thought leaders, business directors, innovators, and investors from the fiber optic sector.

The event included 19 expert workshops, 17 conference sessions and program presentations by over 150 speakers.

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