The Role of Women in the Tech Industry

If you believe in yourself as a woman, you can find your way into any role in the telco industry. Having good support both at home and at work, as well as mentorship, is also very important in every woman’s career in the work environment. These are just a few thoughts from the executive panel on “The Role of Women in the Tech Industry Today and Tomorrow” held at GCCM Muscat 2022.

According to a McKinsey study, there is a significant correlation between leadership team diversity and a company’s likelihood of outperforming its competitors financially. The most gender-diverse organizations had a 48 percent higher likelihood of outperforming the least gender-diverse companies. 

This idea was also supported by the women’s panel, organized by the Carrier Community, which comprised experienced representatives of the telco industry from Enxoo, Omantel, Telko Managed Services, Apiro Data, and OneQode. Sharing their experience, insights, and advice, the panelists encouraged the telco industry to support and motivate each other, and to undertake ambitious actions and development by other women in this space.

We have had great support from our leaders for a long time. The idea of having women and men working together in my country is actually in good progress and we are actually working together side by side for a brighter future” – said Aisha Ibrahim Adeem Al Kharusi, Senior Manager National Accounts And Interconnect, Omantel. 

I think the whole journey of confident women in tech or wherever it is in leadership positions, it comes down to the way we are brought up. Having incredible parents who appreciate and encourage and allow us to grow, that’s where it all starts. And without the basics of the support systems that we have, that we build in our own homes, we will not be able to grow into the confident women that we all want our daughters, our sisters, and us to be” – said Ewa Jaśkowiak, Business Development Director, Enxoo. 

I’ve been in technology, in telco for over 27 years, been the only woman also on the table, the only woman in management. Also, in many cases, the only woman who did not speak a local language while managing a team in a country. So there are times when the imposter syndrome does come in, and that’s where having a good supporting system and self-esteem come into play. When I started my own company, Apiro Data 40 years ago, one of the things that I made sure happened was that my development at the time, all my developers were female, and there was one little bit of support that I could do, which was to support other females” – said Nassia Skoulikariti, Founder/ CEO, Apiro Data Ltd.

“I think we can all agree that the challenges facing women in tech are not just women in technology, actually. It’s women in leadership across various sectors of the world, even in politics, governance, and other areas. Issues of stereotype and generalization, issues of impostor syndrome, issues of institutional sexism, you name it, a whole lot of issues women face, and there are different ways to deal with them. In my own experience, I think I’ve had to deal with it every step of the way in my previous organization. But at the end of the day, I’m grateful because I had a very good support system, which has helped me to continue to push myself and encouraged me to make me get to where I am today” – said Veronica Ogwa Babayemi, Managing Director, Telko Managed Services Ltd.

We tend to look at the challenges and the barriers, but sometimes we have to flip the reality and say I am the only woman in the room, and let’s make advantage of it. I am strong, I am confident, I can speak my mind and I believe in what I’m saying. It all comes down to self-confidence, the courage that we start building at home, and that we have a support system. However, it’s also something that we need to promote in the workplace. We are ready to make mistakes, we are ready to fall flat on our faces and we are fine with that and not waiting five minutes to speak our minds or analyze everything, overanalyze our thoughts. Just go out there, get smacked in the face or whatever it is, but do your thing and then learn as you go” – concluded Ewa Jaśkowiak.

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