The secret of Santa’s efficiency – with merry greetings to the Telecommunications Industry

Every year at Christmas millions of children all around the world wait impatiently for this one magical night. This night marks the busiest time for the North Pole – Santa Claus has to visit around 2 billion children all over the world. But how is it possible that Santa Claus knows their wishes and always makes it on time? Have you ever wondered about the scale of this gigantic enterprise? Santa is obviously powered by digital technologies!

Digital marketing automation and analytics 
Dating back to the 3rd century, with fewer people in the world, Santa used to engage his little helpers in the work and most of the processes were pretty much manual based. But Santa has gone digital. He understands that kids have most of their research done online before they even write a letter to the North Pole – after all, most of them are digital natives. Thanks to the extensive fiber network between all the North Pole facilities, Santa is able to be online all the time and connected to ca. 5.3 billion people across the globe.

The secret behind that one mystical night is actually a full year’s hard work. The elves in the marketing department create tailored marketing campaigns for every child. They use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to make sure messages keep Santa and that special toy on top of their minds, no matter the channel. Thanks to marketing automation, they inspire the children, track and analyse all the data, and apply powerful personalisation using intelligent prediction. As there are no data centers on the North Pole, Santa uses the power of SaaS with the highest availability. This enables Santa’s marketing team to manage all content and resources in one place – in Lapland on the Arctic Circle – and to measure the effectiveness of all of its activities.

CRM – a single source of truth
What children call magic, we adults know that it requires ​​an effective CRM system to build and develop ‘nice’ and ‘naughty’ lists that keep track of the children’s progress. Everything is updated regularly, so every year Santa has all the information he needs to automatically assign children a correct status. As the elves are very secretive about the North Pole business, we can only assume that this operation is run on Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM.

As the North Pole business expanded, once a child is on the “nice” list and Santa pulls up the information and all the touchpoints they have had over the years, the order is automatically dispatched to the right unit in Santa’s factory. 

Operational efficiency
Can you already imagine the amount of work done by Santa each year? Choosing the perfect gift is one thing, but delivering it on time to over 2.3 billion homes across the world is probably another challenge. This would not be possible without the high-speed internet and the limitless data packages available to Santa. Neither would it be possible without digitising key business processes!

Christmas Spirit
Santa’s operations would not be possible without the telecommunications operators connecting the world. Millions of kilometers of fiber networks and copper wires keep us closer all year long and especially close on this magical night. It’s thanks to the telecom industry that the magic of Christmas is possible and we can be with our dearest ones – even if it is through a video call! Of course, Santa also appreciates your work!

We want to thank our customers for a wonderful year of cooperation and wish you a Happy Holiday Season! Enxoo is there for you, every day, to support you in your digital business transformation to achieve your operational excellence at the ‘Santa level’.

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