The evolution of telco businesses

Global telecommunications Reimagined – this is the topic of the two-day Total Telecom Congress 2020 with the participation of over 200 leading speakers in 6 content channels and several thousand listeners, interested in how new technology – 5G, IoT, AI, Data-Driven, etc. shape the future of telecommunications. This event was held on October 27-28 and was organized by Terrapinn Ltd.

Total Telecom Congress is an annual conference gathering management staff and professionals from the telecommunications industry, it is an excellent platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences from around the world.

The global telecommunications landscape is changing faster than ever before. As operators grapple with mastering their digital strategies, building next-generation mobile and fiber networks, and delivering impeccable customer service, they face a host of new opportunities and challenges such as SD-WAN disruption, NFVs, growing demand for bandwidth. On top of that industry specifics, the world is jeopardized by the pandemic.

These changes in telecommunications that require transformation and adaptation to the changing environment are the development wheel for Enxoo, which supports telecoms in this entire process, improving their operational and business activities.  In a rapidly changing world, telcos need to build a foundation for continual transformation. Our Salesforce for Carriers solution is responding to this demand.

If you want to learn how to accelerate the digital journey, get helpful advice on getting started right or know a CPQ tailored to telecoms needs, we’re here for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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