Virtual ITW 2020: Enxoo review – Carriers taking action on automation

A panel with Enxoo CCO, Artur Ostrowski, discussed the drivers and barriers of intercarrier automation and how to successfully consolidate legacy and new network architecture – solving the convergence conundrum.

International Telecoms Week (ITW), the annual meeting for the global wholesale telco community, was held this year for the first time as a fully virtual event. The online conference took place from 15-18 June, 2020, attracting more than 3,700 attendees from more than 1,400 companies.

Artur was joined on the Enxoo-sponsored panel discussion by four industry thought leaders: Mahesh Jaishanker (CEO at Arc Solutions), Louisa Gregory (CEO at CBAN), Ralph Santitoro (Head of Digital Services at Fujitsu Network Communications) and Pascal Menezes (CTO & Advisory Director at MEF).

Telcos don’t see the cloud as a way to harness disruption – they see it as being forced to change

When it comes to enterprise architecture, the move to cloud centricity is driving an ever-increasing need for carrier automation. However, despite the growing business case, adoption is behind the curve. This was confirmed in a live poll during the session. 31% of the online audience have yet to embark on their automation journey.

Speaking from the telco perspective, Artur said: “Telcos are not disruptors, they need time. They invest CAPEX into their network and pray nothing changes for five years.” He added: “Cloud is a huge driver for this change, but I still think telcos do not see this as a way to harness disruption. They see it as being forced to change.”

Operational visibility is fundamental for automation to make ‘good quick decisions’

Less surprisingly were the results of another live poll: ‘What is your organization’s main impediment impacting business growth?’. The top answer was ‘long-lasting sales cycles’ (41%) followed by ‘end-to-end operational visibility’ (22%).

Virtual ITW 2020: Infographics
Virtual ITW 2020: Telecom’s main impediment impacting business growth

Artur commented on the poll results: “It is not necessarily automation for financial efficiency, but automation for speed which is the nature of the carrier industry. You just have to be among one of the first to react to be relevant”. He added: “It is easy to make fast bad decisions. But more difficult to make good quick decisions. Therefore, operational visibility and data-centricity are fundamental for automation.”

Artur concluded: “Look at your internal processes, mindsets and people – do they require transformation? There is no carrier to carrier transformation without internal transformation.”

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