Get to know your customers better with 360° view


Telco Customer Journey Webinar: Get to know your customers better with 360° view

Click the link below to join Enxoo and Sandler Training on an amazing Telco Customer Journey:

  • Discover how to use artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to scale lead generation
  • Uncover the key to seamless customer experience across all touchpoints
  • Learn how to create alignment between sales and marketing teams
  • Make measuring the complex Customer Journey easy


Why watch the Customer Journey Webinar?

  • Close more deals and maximize ROI
  • Learn from expert businesses how to keep customers connected
  • Experience how marketing automation tool like Pardot helps to nurture leads
  • Win one of Enxoo’s courses on Salesforce®-based solutions!
  • Receive Sandler Research Center’s report and a case study


Customer Journey Webinar Series

  • 6 insightful webinars
  • 7 useful freebies
  • 8 Speakers (and counting!)
  • 50 minutes of tips on how to unleash your business potential and get the most of your organization’s resources

Webinar Partners


Telco Customer Journey Webinar: Sandler Training

For 30 years, we have been helping companies all over the world:

  • To create an efficient customer journey process
  • Build successful sales teams
  • Achieve high and sustainable profits

Our proven process (Assess – Develop – Succeed – Repeat) keeps clients focused on innovating and adding value in a changing market environment.

400 Consultants in 30 countries speaking 17 languages can support your company as well.www.sandler.com

Webinar Organizer

Telco Customer Journey Webinar: Enxoo

Enxoo provides digital transformation solutions based on Salesforce® technology and dedicated to selected industries: telecommunications and HR.

Enxoo extends the standard Salesforce® CRM functionality with:

  • industry-specific customer functionalities
  • data models
  • business processes

Our industry approach significantly:

  • reduces time
  • minimizes the risk of failure
  • improves the quality of the implementation

Moreover, Enxoo’s solutions excel at streamlining the quote-to-cash process.

As a result, our customers increase the efficiency of marketing, sales and customer service by at least 30%. Enxoo is one of the largest and fastest developing independent Salesforce® Partners in Europe.



Check out our previous webinars: Telco Customer Journey Webinar Series: Episode #1, MWC virtual booth: How Enxoo CPQ extends the power of Salesforce? and Zero-touch Telecoms: How will integrated cloud B/OSS boost your daily operations?


Bartek Posmyk

Bartek Posmyk

Managing Director of the Corporate Accounts EMEA, Sandler Training

Beata Niklas

Beata Niklas

Business Development Director of the Corporate Accounts EMEA, Sandler Training

Jan Stipek

Jan Stipek

Marketing Automation Expert, Enxoo

Monika Glibowska

Monika Glibowska

Marketing Consultant, Enxoo

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