Why is the popularity of NaaS rising all the time?

The business challenges and successes of companies on the path to NaaS, and the future of network models in the next 4-5 years were hot topics during our webinar on Automation, Integration, and Network-as-a-Service.

The second in a series of Enxoo Industry Cloud Experience webinars brought together inspiring telecommunications managers and addressed important topics for companies looking to transform quickly and efficiently.

Hosted by Enxoo, industry experts Gary Millward, Head of Global Sales and Business Development from Airx Technologies Limited, David Bitmead, Director, Information Systems at Epsilon, and Artur Ostrowski, Chief Commercial Officer at Enxoo, were brought together.

Are you interested in the NaaS and networking models’ perspective over the next 4-5 years?
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“This model will evolve, and it will evolve quickly. I think. it is going to be one of the most interesting options for companies to consider, as they go forward in terms of just the software but also where there is a need to have engineers and build physical networks. And those changes, we are going to see quite rapidly as people start moving away from the current thought process or network architecture” said Gary Millward

“I think a slow evolution of those standards we talked about is going to change. Also, increasing complexity and offering service around multi-cloud to be able to service better and provide a kind of agnostic layer on top of the various cloud providers that everybody has applications running in today – that is a big area. I think, from a technology perspective, you are going to see the rise of what is called – AIOps trying to use machine learning within your BSS and OSS stack are increasing trends. I think we will see all of this in the next four or five years as it will continue to affect how we operate our networks” commented David Bitmead

“I really hope those API standards will be established in 4 to 5 years because there will be more complexity, there will be more demand for agility needed in the network. Also, things like edge computing will require even more Network as Service flexibility. And something I would like to see is that the network starts feeding us with the data to form some decisions so we will see more and more data-driven decisions based on the network and what we see there”
said Artur Ostrowski

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