Zero-Touch – the inevitable evolution of operations management

Comprehensive automation of network and service management processes has become an urgent necessity for telecom operators to ensure the smooth and fast provisioning of the large number of their diverse products and services. In addition, customers increasingly demand operators to provide an excellent service at every point of the process and interaction.

Through automation, companies are able to accelerate business processes by up to 87%, gain over 21,000 saved working hours and a return on investment of 113%, according to data from global consulting agency Forrester Consulting.

The need for improvements and automation, including the smart use of data to build a competitive advantage, is reinforced by new technologies such as IoT, 5G and AI.

Thanks to AI, operators can use data from past interactions and customer behavior to better predict future customer needs, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

In this increasingly changing market environment, it is worthwhile to consider the full automation of operations or Zero-Touch approach, also referred to by some as “NoOps“.

Automation, especially in the version of Zero-Touch, allows you to:

– seamlessly handle service requests, 

– respond to network events in real-time, 

– effectively manage the cooperation with your suppliers and partners, 

– eliminate time-consuming human intervention, quickly create complex quotes, and 

– rapidly deliver wholesale services throughout networks without having to touch any processes.

Grow your business with Enxoo
Enxoo can help you to increase productivity and efficiency along your business transformation journey by automating key processes with a Zero-Touch approach. We are a team of experts in Digital Transformation, Automation and OSS/ BSS. We can advise you on how to realize your vision, making sure all systems and processes are in the right place so you can interact with your customers and other carriers in the best possible way. 

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Transforming Telcos with Zero-Touch Processes.

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