The benefits of automating inter-provider services with APIs

In a time of fast change, efficiency and agility are critical elements for operators to successfully navigate through the global telecommunications industry. However, it will not be enough for service providers to automate internal processes and offer dynamic connectivity over just their own networks. In order to stay relevant and competitive, providers must extend these automated processes beyond their operations and networks, enabling interoperability with their partners. APIs are the solution.

An increasingly important area of a telco business transformation is the automation of carrier-2-carrier interactions

Nowadays in order to become a partner of first choice, services need to be activated instantly, in a transparent way, and incidents must be dealt with effectively.

However, we see that in reality, the collaboration between operators and their partners is still predominantly a time-consuming, manual, and error-prone process, involving people, emails, spreadsheets, and negotiations. This slows down the entire sales process, making it nearly impossible to handle on-demand requests. In addition, disconnected systems and legacy IT infrastructure prevent service providers from moving with speed and agility.

As an example, the interaction between FTTH wholesale operators and their service provider partners generates a large amount of repeatable transactions every day. If these interactions were mainly based on manual processes, the results would be longer and higher OPEX  per connectivity. 


Enxoo has developed a comprehensive Salesforce®-native framework that enables operator-to-operator service automation. The API-centric, fully integrated BSS/OSS solution supports zero-touch process automation, allowing operators to rapidly quote, provision, and invoice wholesale services across their network footprint. 

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The integration of such operator-to-operator processes through API-based automation brings significant benefits for both operators and their partners, including:

– Reduced manual tasks

– On-demand inter-provider services

– Accelerated service delivery

– Greater operational efficiency

– Lower operational expenses

– Improved customer/partner experience

– Faster time to revenue

– Additional revenue from new orders

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