Upp upgrades its BSS workloads to industry-standard Salesforce Communications Cloud

Continuing on the successful partnership Enxoo has helped Upp to scale up its multi-cloud Salesforce BSS implementation with an industry-standard, catalog-driven Communications Cloud quoting and ordering platform, providing better flexibility and future-proofing the overall architecture.

Upp is a new FTTH operator in the UK with a plan to invest GBP 1 billion to roll out a full fiber network to more than 1 million premises by 2025 in eastern England. Upp has support from investment groups and partner suppliers such as Nokia, Linksys, Fujikura and Salesforce.com.

Solutions Used

Communications Cloud

Marketing Cloud

Enxoo Billing

Field Service



Upp, founded in early 2021, needed to rapidly build their IT infrastructure from scratch, including their business support system (BSS) which was initially based on several Salesforce Clouds complemented with Enxoo for Communications and Enxoo Billing products.

After the period of the initial setup, Upp decided to scale up that initial setup and move to a more flexible, industry-standard approach.

Upp wanted a Tier-1 grade BSS platform that would be compliant with Industry Standards like TM Forum but also that would enable them to constantly evolve and grow thanks to modern “low-code” features.


Upp chose Salesforce Communications Cloud as a foundation to establish a new, robust Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC) as a baseline for the catalog-driven BSS approach. This enabled greater flexibility in quoting and order capture modules, following the industry-standard approach of Product, Offer, Customer Facing Service (CFS) and Resource Facing Service (RFS).

The project was completed by Enxoo team in 9 months and required replacement of the existing ‘Enxoo for Communications’ modules, integration of the new solution with other components – Marketing Automation, Website, Customer Portal, Field Service, OSS and Billing and last but not least existing customers data migration. The overall Upp BSS/OSS architecture also contained integration layer based on Mulesoft.


Salesforce Communications Cloud enriched Upp BSS platform with a more robust catalog, quoting, and order capture modules that are based on industry standards and follow standard concepts of quoting, order capture, and order decomposition, future-proofed with automated updates and ready for low-code development to evolve with the changes of the business.

It has also enabled Upp to fill in functional gaps of the previous solution around their ability to order add-ons straight from the website, ability to perform advanced MACD (move-add-change-dismantle) orders through the self-service channel, and ability to develop new products, offers and promotions without IT intervention.

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