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B2B2x / Wholesale

  • Carrier to carrier automation/ APIfication
  • New business models by aggregating the value proposition in the ecosystem
  • Exceptional sales experience for sales teams and buyers

Next-Gen FTTx Network Providers

  • Shortening critical time-to-market for next-gen network roll-out
  • Simplifying IT architecture to increase efficiency
  • Creating zero-touch processes to improve CX

Enterprise Connectivity Providers

  • Complex solutions to demanding enterprise customers
  • Hybrid on-net/off-net networking with ICT/IoT components
  • Better operational visibility & margin control.

Today’s wholesale telecom industry is under continual pressure from intensified competition, a shift in regulatory requirements, and a new wave of disruptive technologies. Are you prepared for this change?

Build a flexible foundation

To operate with greater agility and to respond faster to changes, operators have to build a flexible foundation of systems and processes that enables them to continually transform their business.

See the big picture

The transformation of a wholesale business operation is not just about moving applications to the cloud. It is all about looking at the big picture: Recognising existing challenges within the organisation, finding solutions that match business outcomes, and solving issues to ensure the long-term evolution of the business.

Our value proposition

Enxoo helps wholesale operators to lay the groundwork for their business transformation, allowing them to make quick commercial decisions, create complex quotes faster, take control of ROI, improve vendor relationships, and meet rising customer expectations.

Successfully running a fiber network business requires constant monitoring of operational efficiency and performance to ensure a quick return on investment. Are you paying enough attention to this?

Rising customer expectations

No matter if you are an established fiber operator or a new player, customers increasingly demand fast service delivery and effective incident management. Disconnected systems and legacy IT infrastructure can prevent operators from handling these new requirements which can result in significant delays, poor customer experience, and errors, such as inaccurate billing or pricing.

Flexible and automated solution

Build a flexible BSS solution that allows the automation of key business processes, closes the gap with OSS platforms and enables carrier interoperability. In this way, you can benefit from reduced costs, increased efficiency and simplified customer journeys.

Our value proposition

Enxoo helps fiber operators to build more flexible and efficient business operations which enables them to quickly react and adapt to changing market conditions. We are experts in digital transformation, automation, and OSS/BSS.

Discover how we see the world of fiber business transformation!

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Over the past few years, revenues in the B2B telecom segment have been slowly declining as the market has become increasingly competitive. New players and disruptors are more agile, digital savvy and have a faster time-to-market than traditional telcos. Are you prepared for this change?

Changing buying behaviour

Buyers of B2B telecom services, in particular at an enterprise level, are increasingly looking for broader, more integrated ICT solutions. They also expect service requests and delivery to be fulfilled on demand. A lack of responsiveness can quickly result in customer dissatisfaction and high level of churn.

Customized service offerings

Demands of B2B customers are diverse and vary by segment as well as by industry. Therefore, telcos have to develop clearly targeted segment propositions that address the needs of their SOHO, SMB and Enterprise customers. In this way they can provide adequate products, solutions and bundles of services.

Our value proposition

Enxoo helps telecom operators to transform their B2B business activities, enabling them to streamline sales processes, offer suitable products, provide effective customer care, make full use of partner services, and future-proof their IT infrastructure.

Discover how we see the world of a B2B telecom business transformation!

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