Cloud BSS

Today’s Communications Industry is under continuous pressure from intensified competition, strict regulatory requirements and a new wave of disruptive technologies. Are you prepared for this change?

Non-Standard product offerings
and bespoke solutions

Manual costing
and pricing processes

Slow decision-making process
and long turnaround times

Lack of Operational Visibility
and lack of control
over the process

Poor Customer Experience Ratings

Connect with your customers
and unify your business with an agile,

Cloud BSS solution

Leveraging best-of-breed technology from Salesforce®,
we’ve crafted a pre-built solution for Communications Service Providers enabling them to establish a solid foundation for business operations.

Enterprise Product

Simplify product management and fulfilment with a unified catalog that flexibly captures product and pricing requirements, and supports versioning and offer specification to avoid duplication.

Industry CPQ

Support MACD processes, multisite quote and order capture, and inflight amendments with catalog-driven, communications-specific CPQ.

Order Management

Deliver perfect orders with catalog-driven order management capabilities that make it easy to decompose and fulfill orders by connecting to downstream systems.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Automate and digitize the entire contract lifecycle to reduce cycle times, keep cash moving, and make it easy for customers.

Digital Process Automation

Create and deliver communications-specific workflows and automation.

Omni Channel Selling

Create omnichannel, guided user experiences with enterprise-grade UI, processes, and integration tools

Self Service Portal

Enable customers and partners to self-serve with a digital experience that allows them to manage their services and assets, consult knowledge bases, and access customer care functions

Enxoo Billing

An easy-to-use and comprehensive billing and invoicing application that is fast to implement, supporting various pricing models for one-time, recurring and/or usage-based charges with built-in discounting concepts.

Predefined Processes

A set of predefined and preconfigured products and process templates based on our industry expertise to speed up project design and implementation

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