Automate work, save time
and bill smarter!

Automate your back-office workflows with subscription-based billing engine to reduce manual effort around invoicing and accounts receivables management.

Comprehensive platform configuration

Create billing profiles for specific accounts and services with ease

Enable flexible charging, discounts, and periods with rich calculation functions

Integrate with a CPQ to base invoicing on common definitions

Automate back-office workflows and bill smarter

Reduce manual effort related to invoicing and accounts receivables management

Enable complete invoice generation, verification, scheduled posting, and delivery

Ensure consistent quality

Multicurrency and financial doc management

Manage currencies and define FX rates for overseas invoicing

Generate invoices, credit memos, corrections, and other financial documents in one place

Key capabilities

recurring billing

Issue hundreds to thousands of error-less invoices to multiple users subscribing your products or services on various terms and conditions.

Handle various
pricing models

Bill your customers in various ways. According to multiple pricing models: flat rate, including one time charges combined with recurring fees, usage-based, tired, volume based, per user, per feature. With different frequency (i.e. weekly, monthly, annually. You name it.)

Don’t forget about discounts & promotions

Drive sales, signups, and upgrades by spoiling your customers with special deals. Create, manage, and track your discounts without breaking a sweat.

Control the

Learn up-to-the-minute data on sales workflow and make accurate revenue forecasts on this basis. Set specific and achievable goals according to your current sales performance. Track the numbers, uncover flaws, follow-up unpaid invoices, and more.

Multicurrency management

Define Corporate Currency and manage Exchange Rates for currencies used to issue an Invoice.


Control payments, manage outstanding payments, and cash collection. Preconfigure revenue reports and find late payments to control outstanding amounts.

Billing Items

Billing Items are connected to specific Billing Profile and hold information about service
charges that will be applied to the invoice.

Elastic Billing Profiles

Billing Profile is an billable entity and stores information required to generate billing
documents. Each Billing Profile represents a set of Invoices generated for specific services
and is linked to the Account that receives billing documents.

Fees & TAXes Calculation

Pricing thresholds with the tax model, units size, name, and quantity, descriptions, billing start and end date.

Flexible Processing

Enxoo billing offers flexible engine to managed account receivables balance, throughout
flexible Credit Memos inheriting process structure and process from invoicing process.


Enxoo Billing provides the option to define Corporate Currency and to manage Exchange
Rates for currencies in order to calculate charges and issue invoices.

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