Connect with your beneficiaries
and automate fundraising
in a whole new way

Lack of data integration and duplicate records causing issues with operational visibility and an inability to control personal information

Outdated donation records and lack of fundraising process monitoring that heavily relies on individual
people’s knowledge

Churn in beneficiaries
who no longer understand
the cause they are supporting due to lack of engagement and personalized communication

All data is available in one place, giving you the ability to integrate databases, eliminate duplicate records and refine your data – ensuring consistency.

Reports creation and customization according to the individual needs of the organization is made easy by NGO Platform. Up-to-date reports are available on an ongoing basis.

Donation information, including bank files for the last 5 years, can be easily uploaded. This allows you to monitor your donation history and level of donor engagement.

NGO Platform can integrate with online payment tools, which means that donor and payment data is immediately available in the system.

The platform allows for the creation of personalized messages, tailored to the actions and preferences of donors and beneficiaries.

Our experts with hands-on NGO experience can support you in planning your fundraising and building relationships with recipients.

Data Integration
in a single platform

Integrate data about your supporters to establish the foundation for active donor engagement management

End-to-end fundraising
process support

Create a seamless fundraising process, encouraging your beneficiaries
to support your cause

Automation of
back-office workflows

Reduce manual effort
related to payment processing
and reporting

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