Wholesale Telecoms

Today’s wholesale telecom industry is under continual pressure from intensified competition, a shift in regulatory requirements, and a new wave of disruptive technologies. Are you prepared for this change?

Build a flexible foundation

To operate with greater agility and to respond faster to changes, operators have to build a flexible foundation of systems and processes that enables them to continually transform their business.

See the big picture

The transformation of a wholesale business operation is not just about moving applications to the cloud. It is all about looking at the big picture: Recognising existing challenges within the organisation, finding solutions that match business outcomes, and solving issues to ensure the long-term evolution of the business.

Our value proposition

Enxoo helps wholesale operators to lay the groundwork for their business transformation, allowing them to make quick commercial decisions, create complex quotes faster, take control of ROI, improve vendor relationships, and meet rising customer expectations.

I want to optimize my lead generation and qualification process

When communicating with prospective customers, a one-size-fits-all approach is not the most effective way to move them to the bottom of the sales funnel. Already at the very beginning of the customer journey, telcos can use specialized software tools that are designed to develop a customer segmentation strategy, helping them to communicate effectively with different groups of customers, and offer services depending on each of their preferences.

Establish a consistent approach to your account management

Having a powerful CRM system in place helps you to effectively manage your leads, prospects and customers. You get a consolidated view on your accounts by target segment, allowing you to customize your marketing and sales plans around those subgroups. Enxoo has been a Salesforce Consulting partner since 2012 and can help you to implement the world’s #1 CRM platform.

Align your marketing and sales activities

We help our clients to integrate Salesforce® CRM with Pardot B2B Marketing Automation. In this way the marketing team is able to evaluate the effectiveness of segment-specific campaigns and track demand digitally. The sales team benefits from an automated lead assignment process which ensures sufficient sales-ready leads are being moved through the funnel.

Improve your opportunity management

With a clear look at the sales opportunity pipelines, you can track your chances at all stages - from leads to orders, to predict the real probabilities of success, and monitor upcoming risks. Real-time data puts you in full control of the sales funnel for the various customer segments. Whenever possible, seek to upsell your customer to increase your average deal size.

Manage your contracts effectively

In case of new opportunities with an existing customer, easily move, change and upgrade contracts with accuracy and speed by streamlining decision and approval management. The timely recording of contract changes will help you to prevent incorrect pricing and inaccurate billing.

Business outcome

  • Improved customer segmentation & communication
  • Streamlined Lead Management
  • Alignment of Marketing & Sales teams/activities
  • Automated Lead Qualification and Assignment
  • Improved Opportunity Management
  • Clear view on sales opportunity pipeline
  • Timely recording of contract changes
  • Effective Contract Management

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I want to take the cooperation with my vendors to a new level

Managing the cooperation with your vendors can be a manual and therefore time-consuming process. In addition, supplier information is often stored in multiple locations across teams and departments, creating data silos and inefficient workflows and, eventually resulting in the delay of service delivery and revenue loss.

Store all information of your off-net suppliers in one place

Find all the information about your vendors consolidated in one place. Make sure to share it with others in your organisation. Then you will always be on the same page.

Automate and standardise the vendor bids collection process

Streamline the bids collection procedure by sending automated requests the vendors can bid on. Once the bids start pouring in, compare the offers to find the most profitable one.

Remember which vendor was your favourite

Not sure which vendor was the best? With the internal Vendor Rating, you can easily review your vendors history and experience to always choose the best service provider.

Take control over your vendor data

No longer pay for in-active services and terminate supplier contracts on time by setting alerts and receiving notifications, avoiding unnecessary cost.

Recommended Enxoo products

I want to control ROI on every single deal

The Quote-to-Order process is prone to suffer from a common set of problems and, as a result, impacting your deal profitability. Having an automated sales cycle helps you to control the inefficient parts and to remove the bottlenecks on every single deal.

Manage your quotes, pricing, and opportunities in the same system

Streamline your sales reps performance with an accurate and easy-to-use pricing engine. It enables you to generate perfect quotes for the most complex products with varieties of pricing models.

Prepare complex quotes faster and more accurately across all channels

Don't let the complexity of your products stand in the way of providing easy and flexible pricing models to your customers. The robust CPQ easily handles products and services with multiple dependencies or a high level of customisation.

Effortlessly manage complex product offerings

Benefit from service catalogs tailored to meet telco-specific needs. Launch new products, build attractive product bundles, and manage on/off-net services without writing a single line of code.

Automate approval, discount and provisioning workflows

Shorten the time required for deal sign-off with a configurable rule engine directing quotes for approval right to the responsible person, making the whole process transparent and smooth.

Utilize an effective Contract Lifecycle Management

Easily move, change and upgrade customer contracts with accuracy and speed by streamlining the decision and approval management process.

Get real time visibility on your sales pipeline and revenue forecast

The streamlined quote-to-order process will give you access to real-time and well-structured data, allowing you to make data-driven decisions as well as improving your sales forecasting.

Business outcome

  • Quicker Quote-to-Order process - create a winning quote in 5 minutes
  • Make changes to product configurations in minutes instead of weeks
  • Clear and efficient approval process
  • Quicker deal sign-offs
  • Better margin control
  • Maximise contract values
  • Increase sales team efficiency

I want to unlock business value by optimising my order management process

Customers really appreciate a reliable, timely and consistent delivery of their products and services. Therefore, a flawless order management process is critical for a long-lasting relationship.

Eliminate the use of a manual order management process

Streamline your order capture with a centralised tool that can receive, validate, and decompose orders from different channels into smaller easily allocated tasks. No need for multiple systems and a lot of resources!

Enable automated feasibility checks

Forget about manual and time-consuming serviceability checks. Let our system provide you with automated feasibility studies in real time.

Easily create a smooth order orchestration workflow

Automate provisioning workflows through a Kanban view and distribute tasks effectively with our Order Management tool. You can keep track of service deliveries and measure process KPIs to drive further improvements. The tool even allows you to manage field service technicians in real-time.

Build a centralised product catalogue

Don’t let multiple product catalogues and disparate data delay your orders. With the centralised and easily configurable product catalogue, combined with clearly defined price and approval rules, you can speed up the delivery time and reduce time-to-market.

Business outcome

  • Decrease order delivery time by weeks
  • Reduce manual overheads
  • Error-less operations
  • Smooth information flow
  • Faster time-to-market

I want to improve my revenue management

Revenue leakage is one of the major concerns for telcos around the world. According to TM Forum’s Revenue Assurance Report 2019-2020, global telecom industry revenue leakage is estimated at 1.5% of overall revenue. Points of revenue leakage exist throughout the quote-to-cash cycle and occur because of ineffective and outdated processes, including pricing models, order management, contract management, service provisioning, and billing. By improving these processes and utilising a comprehensive BSS solution, telcos can minimize the risk of leakage and maximize revenue capture.

Manage your quotes and pricing models in the same system

Errors in pricing bundles creation can result in incorrect billing items which might take a long time to identify. Our easy-to-use pricing engine enables you to generate accurate quotes for the most complex products with varieties of pricing models.

Utilize an effective Contract Lifecycle Management

Easily move, change and upgrade customer contracts with accuracy and speed by streamlining decision and approval management. The timely recording of contract changes will help you to prevent incorrect pricing and inaccurate billing.

Optimize you order management process

Streamline your order capture with a centralised tool that can receive, validate, and decompose orders from different channels. Forget about manual and time-consuming serviceability checks. Let our system provide you with automated feasibility studies in real time so you can deliver services more rapidly and start billing faster.

Harness your SLA management

Telecom operations are vulnerable to technical and human errors which impact the quality of the service level agreement and therefore the relationship between operators and their partners. You can not avoid any failure, but you can find a balance between customer and business acumen. Enxoo Service Assurance and Contract Life Cycle management provides a 360º view on the complex services quality, automates issue detection, and simplifies managing repairs or service bug resolutions.

Automate your invoice generation and delivery process

Issue hundreds to thousands of error-free invoices to multiple users subscribing to your products or services on various terms and conditions. An accurate and timely invoice delivery process is great for your cash flow and your customers.

Improve your cost assurance performance

In rapidly changing and dynamic telecom operations you often get to a point when you ask yourself: Is this cost item still active or do we actually need it? Inadequate visibility of your cost items makes it nearly impossible to track the profitability and margin levels of your deals.The Enxoo zero-touch automation framework provides outstanding operational visibility through access to real-time and well-structured data, allowing to achieve a robust analysis of costs and margins.

Business outcome

  • Improved revenue capture
  • Accurate and timely billing & invoicing
  • Decrease order delivery time by weeks
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced cash flow

I want to deliver a seamless customer experience

During a purchase journey, customers pay great attention to the experience they receive from a brand. They would like to have an effective and fast customer service, characterised by deep personalisation no matter where they are and what they are doing. On the other hand, customer service representatives must be equipped with the right tools to provide this seamless customer experience across all channels.

Empower your customers with self-service

Give your customers the freedom of configuring and quoting your most complex products and services all by themselves. Speed up the purchase journey with an easy order placement, so simple that no assistance of your sales reps will be needed!

Shortening your reaction time to incidents

Control and organise complex workflows in the areas of incident and problem management thanks to Automated Support Plans. Define your own steps for solving particular incidents and reduce the number of penalties.

Increase your customer service resources efficiency

Optimise your customer service team performance and FTEs by providing tools for efficient customer inquiries management. Give your customers access to trouble tickets, invoices, service inventories, and claims.

Build an omni-channel customer experience

Create a unique, yet consistent experience across all your channels, down to the smallest detail. Forming a sense of familiarity between your brand and the customers is the key!

Business outcome

  • Improved communication with customers
  • Higher customer retention and satisfaction
  • Enhanced sales process
  • Consistent buying experience across all channels

Recommended Enxoo products

Case study

CPQ replacement makes Arelion a more efficient and cost-effective operator


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