As part of its B2B marketing strategy, Arelion decided to implement a platform that automates the demand generation process and allows the marketing team to make smarter decisions. 

The solution had to align marketing and sales activities, providing a streamlined and transparent lead generation process, resulting in an increase of qualified leads assigned to the sales team.

The new marketing automation platform needed to be integrated with the Salesforce CRM solution that was already at the heart of Arelion’s sales operation, ensuring optimal use of existing customer data and information. 


Arelion chose Enxoo to deliver the Salesforce Pardot Marketing Automation tool to automate its B2B demand and lead generation process.

To ensure marketing and sales are aligned, Enxoo deployed the Salesforce Connector, allowing Pardot to securely sync prospects, contacts, leads and opportunities with the Salesforce CRM.

The solution has clearly defined lead qualification and generation processes, leveraging Pardot’s powerful features such as lead scoring & grading, automated lead assignment, and forms including progressive profiling.

Enxoo also enabled various reports and dashboards for prospect lifecycle tracking and marketing activity monitoring.


The integration of Pardot with the Salesforce CRM provides Arelion with a high-performing B2B marketing and sales platform, ensuring an effective, data-driven decision process.

The marketing team is able to evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns and track demand digitally. The automated scoring & grading system assures only the most qualified leads get passed on to sales.

The sales team benefits from an automated lead assignment process which ensures sufficient sales-ready leads are being moved through the funnel. This prevents sales reps from wasting time on leads who aren’t ready to buy. 

The integrated platform creates a seamless experience and aligns marketing and sales teams under the same data, goals, and 360-degree view of the customer.