Founded in early 2021, Upp is a newcomer to the UK telecoms market, offering next level broadband to consumers and local businesses in underserved towns and areas across the East of England. 

As a new company, Upp needed to build its IT infrastructure from scratch, including business support systems (BSS). 

In addition, Upp had no web presence, HR Management solutions or marketing automation platform. 

Upp wanted a flexible solution that would limit inbound calls and allow its B2C & B2B customers to self serve – making contact seamless and always-on. 

Upp needed a BSS solution that is comprehensive to automate its entire Lead-to-Cash process, scalable to adapt to future growth, and easy to implement to meet a tight go-live deadline.


Upp chose Enxoo to deliver its cloud-based BSS solution ‘Enxoo for Communications’ and implement various Salesforce platforms, including Marketing, Sales, Service and Experience Clouds. The solution was complemented with Enxoo Billing and the Enxoo Skilo HR management tools.

Enxoo was also responsible for the front and back-end development of, a fully responsive, mobile-ready website that captures data from visitors and customers directly in Salesforce. The website features an innovative customer portal for self service, troubleshooting, billing, FAQ’s and next-best-actions for the customer.  

The solution’s BSS layer complements standard Salesforce CRM functionalities with a Product Catalogue, CPQ, Order Management and Service Assurance modules. The system also interacts with the website where customers are able to check the availability of services, stock and field service engineers.

The Enxoo solution integrates with the ERP system and its API-readiness enables seamless communication with UPP’s partners and suppliers.


In less than 6 months, Enxoo deployed its API-based BSS solution together with the Enxoo Billing and Enxoo Skilo HR tools, meeting the tight go-live deadline. 

The seamless integration with various Salesforce platforms, ERP and other systems provides Upp with a fully automated Lead-to-Cash cycle with zero-touch processes, ensuring full data transparency, operational visibility and efficiency.

Upp benefits from Web-to-Lead and Web-to-Order functionality on its website. Through, customers can check service availability, buy products, upgrade their packages, interact with customer care teams, and make or change appointments with field service engineers. 

Enxoo supported Upp with all marketing automation including acquisition, lead, on supply and the nurturing of customer journeys. 

Enxoo has built a flexible foundation of systems and processes, allowing Upp to scale and grow its business from day one. The future development of the solution includes the integration with OSS, enabling seamless communication with Nokia, Upp’s network infrastructure partner.