On its journey to become a fully digital wholesale operator, Nexera needed a billing solution that would seamlessly interact with existing zero-touch processes of its award-winning BSS/OSS platform.

The solution had to handle discounts, arrears & in-advance charges, and support multiple pricing models, including one time charges and recurring fees.

Nexera also required an automated invoice generation, correction and delivery process.

The billing solution needed to be integrated with Nexera’s main accounting system to send automated invoice requests including corrections.


Nexera chose Enxoo to deploy its billing & invoicing solution which is tailored to the needs of the telecom industry, in particular wholesale and B2B operations. 

Enxoo integrated the solution with the CPQ engine which ensures the automated generation of billing items together with related charges and discounts. Any additions, changes, terminations and renewals made to services are also registered.

In terms of invoicing, the solution performs final invoice simulation and provides an automated invoice generation,  e-invoice delivery, and credit note process.

The Enxoo billing solution supports API integration,  allowing seamless communication with Nexera’s accounting system.


Nexera benefits from an automated billing solution which is fully integrated with other areas of its zero-touch BSS/OSS platform, providing additional efficiency improvements.

The automated generation of billing items enables Nexera to issue error-free invoices to all its customers, subscribing to multiple services on various terms and conditions. 

Tailored dashboards on billing data can be turned into insightful reports, allowing Nexera to project cash-flows and control revenue. 

Nexera and its customers benefit from accurate and complete invoices as the system verifies that all required data has been generated correctly before sending.