Transforming business processes doesn’t always mean ripping and replacing or starting over from scratch. It can be about understanding existing legacy systems and finding ways to optimise, integrate and accelerate how they operate.

For Tele2 Latvia, transforming its business processes was focused on consolidating its existing systems, creating new visibility across operations, and increasing the speed of its sales operations. As a European telecom operator offering mobile, fixed broadband and network services, it has multiple
independent legacy IT systems in place, but it needed to bring its sales organisation into the future.

It selected Enxoo to evaluate its B2B sales activities end-toend and provide a cost-efficient solution that would deliver new capabilities and simplify the complexity of its operations, while reducing its journey from quote to order.

Enxoo was able to help Tele2 make transformation a success without needing to replace its existing legacy IT systems. This minimised investment while maximising the value of its transformation.



The challenge for Tele2 was to find a solution that would not require a complete redevelopment of its legacy IT systems. It needed a solution that would accelerate its business processes, but not require large investments and long-term development of business support systems (BSS).

Its complex end-to-end B2B sales activities involved an inefficient manual, email-based costing, and pricing process. On top of this, product data was spread across multiple systems, causing delays in customers receiving their quotes.

With legacy systems resulting in poor customer experience and insufficient business visibility, Tele2 needed to transform its operations without adding complexity to processes. It had to streamline its sales process for better integration and additional features, which its existing systems were not capable of.

Tele2 understood the importance of visibility for optimizing its operations. It needed a solution that could provide sales and quotation process automation in order to manage complex B2B deals faster and make better business decisions.

It needed a partner that was an expert in developing and delivering BSS, with specific knowledge and experience in the B2B telecoms industry. It required a solution that could provide new efficiencies and a quicker quote-to-order process for its customers, without the complexity and cost of replacing its existing IT systems.



Tele2 selected Enxoo to develop and deploy a BSS solution to optimize its processes in just 4 months, without costly replacement of existing IT systems. Enxoo understood Tele2’s challenges and goals and provided a solution that could simplify its operations, provide a seamless experience for customers, and maximize the value of its investment.

It deployed Enxoo for Communications, a Salesforce-native all-in-one sales platform with customizations and capabilities tailored to wholesale and large B2B telecoms. The solution consolidated Tele2’s existing system architecture, ensuring a seamless integration of business and operational processes.

Enxoo for Communications automated Tele2’s quote-to-order process and provided a commercial product catalogue to unify pricing data into one single resource. Extended reporting capabilities provided greater operational visibility with data-driven insights and analytics. On top of this, the integration and simplified system architecture offered cost-efficiency and seamless experience for customers.

Automation in product management, order management, and service assurance ensure Tele2 can be agile, stay on top of digital transformation and further enhance their competitive advantage. With support from Enxoo, Tele2 has a foundation for continued transformation into the future.


  • Cost efficiency – Enxoo helped Tele2 to achieve a cost-saving digital transformation of business processes by utilising and integrating existing IT infrastructure.
  • Boosted sales – an automated, simpler and faster quote-to-order process enables Tele2 to close more deals in the same amount of time.
  • 360-degree customer view – improves customer service and efficiency.
  • Outstanding operational visibility – Easily configurable reports and dashboards provide Tele2 with the insights it needs to make smarter business decisions.