TELE2 Latvia needed a cost-effective solution to transform its complex end-to-end B2B sales activities which involved an inefficient manual, email-based costing & pricing process.  

Product data was spread across multiple locations, causing delays in customers receiving their offers.

The time-consuming sales process was further impacted by a number of independent IT legacy systems, resulting in poor user experience, insufficient business visibility and the lack of a full customer view.

A replacement of legacy systems was not an option due to the complexity of such a transformation.


To improve its business processes, TELE2 Latvia selected Enxoo for Communications, a Salesforce-native all-in-one sales platform for B2B telecom products and services. 

The solution addresses TELE2 Latvia’s problems by providing an automated quote-to-order process, a unified product catalogue, and extended reporting capabilities.

Enxoo for Communications gives TELE2 Latvia’s sales and support teams a 360-degree view of their customers.

The new solution consolidates existing system architecture, ensuring a seamless integration of business and operational processes.


Enxoo helped TELE2 Latvia to achieve a digital transformation of business processes by utilising and integrating existing IT infrastructure.

Enxoo for Communications ensures a simplified and automated quote-to-order cycle, enabling Tele2 Latvia to close more deals faster.

The unified product catalogue makes it easy to manage, bundle, sell and deliver even the most complex B2B products and services. 

The easy-to-configure dashboards and pre-defined reports provide outstanding operational visibility, allowing Tele2 Latvia to make smarter, data-driven business decisions.