International Telecoms Week 2024 (#ITW)

Artur Ostrowski

Chief Commercial Officer at Enxoo

Maciej Simm

Head of Marketing at Enxoo

Krzysztof Uchman

Global Account Executive
at Enxoo

Grzegorz Popardowski

Chief Solution Engineer
at Enxoo

About the event

Join us at ITW 2024 and immerse yourself in the world of Network as a Service (NaaS), where innovation meets seamless connectivity. Engage with industry visionaries Artur Ostrowski, Maciej Simm, Krzysztof Uchman, and Grzegorz Popardowski to explore how NaaS can transform your wholesale operations. Visit our booth #2312!

NaaS isn’t just a concept; it’s a revolution in how network services are consumed – on-demand and as-a-service. Enxoo’s expertise in NaaS empowers wholesale operators to streamline operations, driving businesses toward a digital future with unparalleled agility and efficiency.

Key Capabilities of NaaS:

  • Zero-touch Selling – Experience seamless self-service with intuitive front-ends and APIs, enabling instant quotations and orders.
  • Software-defined Networking (SDN) – Embrace network virtualization for real-time service provisioning.
  • Zero-touch Service Orchestration – Automate service delivery across your entire B/OSS stack for near real-time execution.
  • Zero-touch Partnering – Automate partnerships for a truly global NaaS experience.
  • Real-Time Billing and Charging – Adapt to usage-based models with flexible billing capabilities.
  • Flexibility in Product Modeling – Launch new offerings with ease through flexible product modeling.
  • Built-in Security and End-to-End Service Monitoring – Ensure security and quality of service across your network segments.

Don’t miss the opportunity to shape the future of connectivity and explore the potential of NaaS with Enxoo. Secure your spot at ITW 2024 now!

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What is NaaS?

🔍 Curious about how NaaS is transforming the industry landscape? Check out the attached video featuring Maciej Simm, Head of Marketing at Enxoo, to get a glimpse into the future of instant, on-demand networking experiences!

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