MWC Barcelona 2024

Krzysztof Zych

Chief Executive Officer
at Enxoo

Maciej Simm

Senior Consultant, Head of Marketing at Enxoo

Ewa Jaśkowiak

Head of Sales
at Enxoo

About the event

Join Krzysztof Zych, CEO at Enxoo, Ewa Jaśkowiak, Head of Sales, and Maciej Simm, Senior Consultant and Head of Marketing, as they navigate the landscape of change. At Enxoo, we’re committed to providing you with the insights and solutions you need to stay ahead in the dynamic world of connectivity.

Be at the forefront of innovation with Enxoo at MWC Barcelona 2024.

Our experts will be on-site, ready to engage in meaningful discussions and explore how Enxoo API Hub can enhance your digital transformation journey. Connect with us through our Landing Page to schedule a meeting and discover how we can empower your business for the future.

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    Maciej Simm
    Senior Consultant, Head of Marketing

    Automating Customer Service



    Please Welcome Einstein!



    What capabilities do I need to be able to deliver NaaS?